Top 10 First Date Ideas – Where To Go & What To Do


Coming up with original first date ideas isn’t easy. You’re looking for something that isn’t cliche, something sweet and fun with just a hint of romance and sexual tension. You want everything to be perfect! Dinner and a movie is played out, so here are some amazing and unique first date ideas that you can use to “wow” your date and get a second date before the first one is even over!


Take A Ride At The Amusement Park

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Who doesn’t love the nostalgic feeling of eating cotton candy and riding the rides at an amusement park? This is an excellent opportunity for flirting like you’re both teenagers again. Bonus points if you win her a stuffed animal from one of the carnival games.

Have A Lunch Date

Dinner is cliche, but having a lunch date isn’t! It’s a casual way to get to know someone, without the pressures that an intimate, romantic dinner on a first date can bring. If there’s chemistry there, you can take a longer lunch or extend the date – but if there’s none, a quick lunch is a great excuse to keep it short and sweet.

Learning Something New Together

Taking a class with someone you’re interested in is a great first date idea. Learning something new together is a great way to bond emotionally and to discover the chemistry between you two.

The Beach Or Lake

A romantic walk on a moonlit beach is every girl’s fantasy, but make sure to keep your eyes on her and not on the other eye candy that might be strolling around on the sand. This is a great way to turn a simple date into something much, much more.

Pool, Golf, Or Game Of Your Choice

A little friendly, flirty competition may be exactly what you need to secure a second date. Don’t forget to make a wager – loser takes the winner out for dinner next time.

Wine Tasting

Going wine tasting gives you a legitimate reason to have a few drinks to help your first date nerves! It’s also a great way to experience and taste new wines and cheeses and is a great date for two people who truly enjoy wine. Bonus points for finding a special new wine that becomes “our wine.”

Take Her Bowling

Bowling is great way to check out just how competitive he is! Whether you are any good at it or not, it is a laid back activity that gives you a chance to have a laugh together and relax. It’s great for a bit of flirting and he can use his manly skills to show you just how it’s done.

Head Out For A Bike Ride

Free, fun activities are great first date ideas in the credit crunch and enjoying the outdoors is one of the best. Unlike going for a long walk, a bike ride means you don’t have the pressure of having to find constant conversation. Take a picnic and stop for some nice leisurely breaks together when you want to talk and get to know each other.

Go For Dessert

When money is tight, there should always still be room for dessert, so why not make it the highlight of the night? It is a bit more fun and quirky than going for dinner, it makes for a cheap first date, and there is less pressure to find enough conversation to fill three courses. It’s also super romantic and sexy because you can feed each other small bites of the most decadent pies and cakes!

Roller Skating Or Ice Skating

Roller skating or ice skating makes for an excellent first date, especially if one of you is better than the other at the activity. “Teach” your partner how to roller or ice skate, or let them teach you! This is a romantic way to bond and you’ll probably end up in each other’s arms (and on the ground) more than once!

Go Scuba Diving Or Snorkeling

Scuba diving or snorkeling is a completely unique first date idea. If you live nearby an ocean or beach, explore the fish, coral reefs and marine life together. You won’t have the pressure of making a ton of conversation (because you’ll be underwater most of the time), but there will be plenty of time to connect with each other before the swim and after. You’ll also get to check out each other in your bathing suits! Bring a picnic lunch or dinner just in case everything goes well – besides, you’ll both be hungry after the swim!

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