3 Dating Pitfalls You Need To Avoid!


Dating can turn hairy fast if you make one of these simple mistakes. Steer clear of these dating mishaps if you want to be successful!

1. Not Being A Gentleman

Another of the FASTEST ways a man can turn off a woman is by not being a gentleman.

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Simply put, a woman sees a guy who isn’t a gentleman as NOT A REAL MAN. A woman is programmed to want a guy who can take care of her when the going gets tough – and you need to show her this in small ways when you are hanging out with her.

So open doors for her, walk on the street side of the curb, and pay the bill when it comes.

Make sure you are also polite to those you come in contact with. A woman WILL judge you on how you treat waiters, cab drivers, and everyone else.

I know of one super attractive girl who told me she broke up with a guy because of the way he treated his mom when they were out to dinner. She asked him nicely to stop cussing and he began cussing louder as if to spite her. She stopped dating him the next day and never looked back.

Some guys think it’s strange that a woman would judge them on what seems like small-time stuff, but I think it’s AWESOME! The reason why is because it’s a super easy way to score points and get an advantage over other guys!

So spend a few minutes reading up on chivalry and how to be a gentleman.

2. Not Taking Control

Another way guys either score easy points with a woman or LOSE points fast is by whether or not they take control of a situation.

A man should always choose the date spot, and when you get there, take the initiative. Ask her if there’s anything she doesn’t like, then tell her to “trust you” and order for both of you (avoiding anything she said she doesn’t like, of course).

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you, a girl LOVES a man who takes control! This applies to the date, having sex, you name it.

So have a plan, take control, and be the man!

It’s FAR better to take control and accidentally take her to a place she’s not super into than it is to keep asking her what she wants to do. In fact, if you ask a “10,” she’ll tell you, this is one of the BIGGEST things women hate!

3. Not Thinking About Your Hygiene The Way WOMEN Do!

You’d think having good hygiene would be common sense, but after talking to dozens of women and hearing them all complain about it. I’ve figured out the mistake most guys make in this area is not thinking about hygiene the way WOMEN do.

So think about it this way – when you are on a date with a woman, she is deciding whether or not she is going to get physical with you.

So, she’s sizing up:

  • Your Lips/Breath – if you have chapped lips get some lip balm! And it’s never a bad idea to carry Altoids or gum. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your own breath is bad, and it’s not worth chancing it.
  • Your Hands – if you don’t have clean, well-manicured nails, she’s not gonna want your hands on her! Same with rough hands – women HATE calluses – get some of that apricot scrub and give your hands a good scrub before you go out with a girl.
  • Your Smell – a little cologne is a good thing, but too much will give a girl “grease ball” thoughts. Same goes for too much hair gel. Less is more.
  • Excessive Hairshave or wax your back and unibrow! Not cool, and YES women notice, even if you’re wearing a shirt. And make sure you’re well-groomed “down there” if you plan on going further. Nothing brings a woman’s advances to a screeching halt faster than a jungle love afro in the wrong place!

Also, make sure during every bathroom trip you make sure nothing is in your teeth or your nose. You don’t want her staring at your face like a dart board all night.

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