3 Online Dating Rules You Must Follow


Online dating can be harrowing at times. Don’t stress though – follow these simple guidelines and you’ll soon have online dating success!

While I highly recommend that you acquire the skill of approaching women without fear in real life, online dating is another way you can start meeting women without the fear and stress of walking up to them and risking rejection.

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One great way to meet women is to join some dating sites – and with millions of people worldwide looking for that perfect match, why not? Here’s the beauty of online dating sites.

  1. You join a dating site
  2. You post a profile of yourself
  3. You watch the emails come rolling in

In the past I’ve used online dating sites with great success. It’s actually pretty easy to get women to respond to your profile. You can go along with your busy life and check your emails once or twice a week, and contact the women that have already shown an interest in you. It’s a great system and one I heartily recommend, especially for men just starting out.

  1. She sends you an email
  2. You check her profile
  3. You decide if she’s someone you’d like to meet

I bet you are wondering if there are any attractive women on these sites? You’d be surprised. The Internet isn’t just for techno-whiz people any more. Nowadays, millions of people are trying out online dating services – yes, even beautiful women. There are tons of beautiful women hiding out on these dating sites.

Now, from my past experience, there are a few rules you must follow if you want to succeed with online dating sites and meet interesting women.

Trust me when I say these 3 rules are a must for online dating. I would know – I once got 3 women (all rated above 9.8) to respond to my profile in 7 days.

1. You Must Get A Paid Account

These days everyone wants something for nothing. The same goes for online dating sites. Most men think they can join these sites for free, set up a personal ad and watch the responses come flying in. Wrong! To illustrate this theory, I once did a test with two different accounts. One paid. One free.

  • The paid account got more than 7 replies in two weeks.
  • The free account had 0 views. (That means that no one even saw my profile!)

The reason you need a paid account with dating sites is because they always list the paid accounts first. Then all the free accounts show up afterwards. In fact, you’ll be lucky to get a woman to even see your free profile, let alone reply to it.

2. Never Use “Adult” Dating Websites

Thou shalt not use adult-based websites. Okay? From my own experience, these sites are full of women that seem “really” interested, but once you send them an email, you never hear from them again. You just begin to get spam emails.

I’ve found a few of these sites that actually have real women on them. So which ones are the best? The two dating sites I recommend to all guys are www.Match.com and www.AmericanSingles.com.


Match.com is simply the biggest and most established online dating site on the entire Internet. It’s professional and it’s affordable. What I really like about Match.com is the advanced search capabilities.


AmericanSingles.com is a really cool site. And no, you don’t have to live in America to use this site. (Anyone around the world can use it.) What’s great about this site is the ability to see how many people have viewed your profile, and actually search through and see who each person is. With this system in place it makes it really easy to test different headlines and aspects about your profile, and after a month or so you can see which changes received the most responses – a very cool feature.

3. You Must Include Photos Of Yourself

Always include a great photo of yourself when you create your profile. It’s interesting to see how different two photos can represent you.

The problem is, guys think they know which photos women will like the most. This is a big mistake. Only women know which of your photos look the best. So why not ask them? There’s a great little site that I’ve been using for profile photos called HotOrNot.com Basically all you do is create an account, upload your photo and watch women rate it. Over time you’ll get a great indication of your best photos.

A few guidelines when choosing photos:

  • Smile in your photos. If you check out HotOrNot.com you’ll notice that most guys in their photos aren’t smiling. Get a great genuine smile that really makes you glow and look like you’re passionate about life. Confident men smile.
  • Keep your shirt on. Please! Unless you look like a super model and have an amazing 10/10 body. Don’t dress down. Most women find this hilarious not sexy. I know, I’ve asked them.

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