3 Quick Dating Safety Tips For Women


Dating safer after divorce is an absolute necessity in today’s world.  Some people can begin dating again within a few months, others take years.

Whatever the length of time you decide to take is up to you, but it is important that you do take some time to get to know yourself again and embrace the single person that you once were before your marriage.

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According to a poll conducted by WomanSavers.com of over 1,500 women, 31% feel that a date turns into a relationship after dating for 3 months, 20% after you’ve had sex, an even split between when he says I love you and 6 months, and only 14% after 5 dates. 

There is no rush so take your time and do your research.

  1. Explore options of meeting a safe date through friends, church, school, the gym, at a party or even walking a dog in the park.  If you decide to date online, be sure to go to websites that have a long-term success ratio.
  2. Try to get a first and last name of your potential date as soon as possible and google his name, run it through the WomanSavers.com database and check your local felon registry. If you think that this person is someone you may be interested in long term, do a background check on them.  If you have children, you must screen your dates even more because many times pedophiles will target single mothers for access to her children.
  3. Stay as anonymous as possible and don’t give out your real name or personal details early on.  When you meet someone for the first time, meet in a public place and use only your first name.  Wait a while before becoming intimate. That way you can screen out the players who are only after sex.  If you do decide to become intimate, use protection until both parties have been tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Good luck and safer dating to all.

To learn more about Stephany Alexander, visit www.WomanSavers.com.

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