4 Dating FAILS You Need To Avoid!


Dating doesn’t come without its share of failures, but you want as few of them as possible! Steer clear of these dating mishaps for guaranteed success.

Mistake # 1 – Taking Her Out To A Fancy Dinner

Yes, you read that right. A lot of guys think you need to take a woman out to fancy dinner in order to woo her. But I’ve actually found that it’s a HUGE mistake!

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It’s one of those things that SOUNDS good in theory, but if you think it all the way through, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. First off, women see dinner as a BIG time commitment. A super attractive woman leads a busy life. And it’s hard for her to justify giving up a night she could otherwise spend with her friends.

Because of this she is much more likely to say “No” when asked out to a dinner than she would be if you ask her out to lunch, or to grab a happy hour drink.

Or worse, she might say, “yes,” then flake on you the night of.


Well not only is it a night away from whatever else she could be doing, it’s also a lot of time to commit to spending with someone she barely knows. You see, since most guys are so LAME, she’s probably had a BAD dinner date in the past.

So when your date with her is coming up, she might remember a bad dinner date she had in the past, get cold feet and decide to flake on YOU! Ask any girl you know and she’ll tell you – this happens ALL THE TIME!

Also, if you offer to take her to a “name” restaurant, you look like you are trying to “lure” her into hanging out with you because of WHERE you are taking her, and not WHO she is going with! And yeah, some girls might say yes just because they want to get a free fancy meal, but is that what you really want?

So save the trendy restaurant for a night out with your friends, and offer to meet her for lunch, or for a quick drink at a cool, eclectic spot. You’ll not only save yourself from looking like you are trying too hard, you’ll also increase the chances of her saying yes, and the chances of her showing up! Not to mention saving some dough!

Mistake # 2 – Being Too Eager To Hang Out

There are few ways to turn a woman off faster than being TOO eager to hang out with her.

We’ve all seen the movie Swingers where the guy calls the girl the same night and leaves her 6 messages in a row (go see it if you haven’t!) but there are other less extreme ways guys do this that turn a woman off just as fast.

A few examples are:

  • Calling her or having a text conversation with her more than twice a week
  • Changing your plans around for her
  • Showing up at places where you know she’ll be (so many guys do this that women are totally on to it!)
  • Any type of behavior that says you will drop everything to hang out with a woman makes her see you as DESPERATE and turns her off instantly.

Mistake # 3 – Trying Too Hard Impress Her

Another MAJOR mistake men make that sends women running is when they try too hard to impress her.

Any type of bragging about your job, your car, your business, trips you’ve taken, or name-dropping just REEKS of insecurity. In fact, too much bragging can cause even a confident guy to look bad in a woman’s eyes! It makes her think that you don’t feel your personality is enough to attract her… which no matter how confident you are, makes you look absolutely not confident to her.

Not good!

Mistake # 4 – Being Too Friendly And Not Flirty!

We all know about the dreaded “friend zone,” but do you know what makes a woman put a guy there?

Well, it’s usually because he is too friendly and not FLIRTY! So avoiding it is simple – flirt whenever possible! The above example is a good one, and here’s a couple others:

  • If she asks you how your day is going, say, “Well it would be better if you and I were at a secret make out spot but other than that it’s okay.”
  • If she asks you what you are doing that night, say, “I’m going to XYZ restaurant – why, are you going to surprise me with flowers there?”

Don’t be afraid to be over-the-top! You’ll be amazed at just how much women love to play along with these flirty conversations – and best of all, you’re letting her know right away that she should see you as more than just a friend.

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