5 Fun First Date Ideas You Can Suggest To Your Guy


The first date can be nerve wracking and many guys just don’t know what to do. Give him a few clues with these fun and exciting first date ideas!

First dates can be filled with a lot of pressure. If you would like to relieve some of this pressure, but still get to know a guy that you’re interested in, there are a few fun first dates that you can suggest. The dinner and movie thing has been done to death and neither of you are really going to feel comfortable.

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There are several first date ideas that you can use to break the ice without feeling the pressure. If you’re tired of going on uncomfortable first dates without actually getting to know the guy, use these the next time you meet somebody that might be special.

5 Super Fun First Date Ideas

1. Bowling

Bowling is typically something that you might not find yourself doing. However, this can a great fun first date for the both of you. First of all, it’s an activity so it takes the pressure off of constantly having to talk to each other. Secondly, it brings competition into the mix, which can build rapport and sexual tension.

While the bowling alley isn’t exactly The Rainbow Room, there is usually beer and some form of food. Your date will probably not want to watch you shove nachos down your throat, but don’t be afraid to eat something or share something with him. Bowling alleys also have arcades. Don’t hide your inner child. Let him see you rock out on some Donky Kong.

2. Local Music

Do you have an open mic night or a local band night at one of the clubs in your city? This is the perfect first date idea because it involves getting out without the pressures of traditional dinners. Plus, while the bands are in-between acts you can talk. If you’re date is a music buff you might be able to learn a little something all the same.

Don’t go all out and invite the guy to a heavy metal show unless you know that he’s into that. Focus on something that might not even have electric acts. An acoustic act will be set in a venue that will allow you to talk. You can usually find these venues online or through local publications. You can also ask bartenders which night their open mic night is, as some bars do not openly advertise it.

3. Local Trails

Does your guy like to spend his time outdoors? If so, exploring some local trails together can be a great first date. Taking in the scenery and getting to know a potential boyfriend is the perfect combination. It’s not recommended to take him to hard trails unless he is an experienced hiker. You should always come prepared for any injuries that might occur while out in the wilderness. Almost every city or town has local trails or state parks near by. Check with your township for more information on where you can legally hike. The last thing that you want is to hike on private property and get the both of you a trespassing charge!

4. The Aquarium

Have you ever been to an aquarium? If the last time that you went to the aquarium was on a 7th grade field trip, it might be time to return. The aquarium is a very romantic setting that can help both you and your date appreciate sea life. Walking around the tanks also gives off another worldly feel, making it more romantic than a smoky bar or stuffy dinner at a restaurant you’ve been to one hundred times before. Try to pick a time or day that there won’t be a lot of people at the aquarium.

Sharing the experiences with your date on an off day is a great way to get solidarity. One of the best things about the aquarium is the fact that you can actually learn something together. All of the weird creatures that live in the sea can also lead to some interesting conversations.

5. Street Fairs

Street fairs are mostly conducted in the spring or summer, but there are several fall fairs that you can go to also. Street fairs are great because it gives you and your date a reason to mosey around to different booths. You can talk to local artists and craftsman and there is usually music. Another reason that you should go to a street fair is that it can easily lead to dinner afterward. Doing something that will break the ice before you really start to get to know each other can remove the majority of the pressure associated with first dates.

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