5 Tips For Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right


Be realistic.  We are all searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right but everyone has flaws. Set your expectations high but not so high that nobody can meet them.

To search for an accomplished, educated, attractive partner is realistic.  Insisting your potential partner must have a Phd., be wealthy, with model looks, is not.

Stay positive and have fun

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Plan your dates around activities that you both enjoy so even if things don’t work out, you have fun in the process.  You may meet a lot of people you aren’t interested, but don’t give up.  Think of your search similar to that of searching for a great job.  It takes a lot of work but the payoff is well worth it.

Try different things

Experiment with various ways to meet new people.  Don’t just try online dating, rather also allow your friends and family to set you up, take up a new hobby to meet someone with similar interests and actively put yourself out there so you can meet new people.

Stay true to your morals

If a date tries to pressure you into sex early on, simply move on to the next because there is a high probability they are pressuring others also.  In this dangerous world we live in, practicing abstinence not only protects your health by protecting you from sexually transmitted diseases, it also prevents someone from using you like a piece of meat.

Write a great online profile

In order to find the person of your dreams, you need to have an eye-catching, well-written profile that tells a lot about you, including your likes AND dislikes.  Overly sexy profile user names or photographs attract the wrong type of person.  Treat your profile like a resume and spend some time on it by making sure you use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.  If you are searching for someone who has never been married with no children, say so.

Screen, Screen and Screen Some More

Ask a lot of questions and listen to your instinct.  If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t.  For example, if your date says they are a doctor, ask them a series of medical questions.

If your date says they are single, phone them between the hours of 8p-11p and if they always have their phone turned off or an excuse for not answering, you may be getting involved with someone who is already committed because these are the times usually spent with a significant other and family.

It is imperative that you screen your dates as early on as possible because getting involved with the wrong person can destroy your life.

There are many different services on the internet where you can do a background check to see if you may be getting involved with a con-artist, an abuser, a convicted felon or a pedophile.  It’s especially important for single mothers to screen their dates because pedophiles target them for access to their children.

It’s crucial not only to do a criminal background check on the person but also a character check on their relationship history. Women can research a man’s past relationship history on WomanSavers.com for free and men can do so at RateB4UDate.com.

We inspect our home before buying it, we have a mechanic check out a car before purchasing it, it’s simply naive not to check out a person who you may potentially be spending the rest of your life with.

In order to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, you need to be able to filter out all the wrongs.  By taking some precautions, using your gut instinct and doing your homework, you can increase your chances of meeting the person of your dreams.

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