Achieve Your Goal Of Being Good With Women In 5 Easy Steps


Dating isn’t easy, and being good with ladies is even more difficult. Many guys are too shy to consider themselves suave when it comes to dating, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t work the ladies. If you’re a guy who has a tough time approaching or talking to girls, you’re definitely not alone. Not to worry – here’s how you can  your dating ambitions – today!

A Serious Plan Of Action

If you are not using objectives to attain what you desire in life (such as being great at dating), you are probably seeing very little success. People seem to think that fixing a problem is the way to bring success into their life. It is like people have tunnel vision just to find the things that are holding them back, or even more so, identifying problems as the things that are holding you back.

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Here is the fact of the matter, no one is plagued with the tragedy that is perfection. In fact if someone was perfect, they would be terrible with girls simply because they would not be able to relate to anyone they meet, especially when they meet women. Being able to relate is a huge factor in attracting girls so by trying to solve all your problems, you are making your ability to be good with ladies even harder.

The true way to succeed in dating through actions while learning to work with your problems. I don’t even want to go as far to call our flaws “problems” because they ultimately work in your favor if you are taking action and moving forward with your life. And that is what this article aims for you to do.

Step 1: Identify The Ultimate Objective

If you are reading this, I know why you are here, your ambition is to be successful with women, have options in your life when it comes to choosing girls you want to be with and developing the social skills to start dating successfully. All this falls under “Being Great with Girls” and that is your Ultimate Goal. What you define as being great with ladies will be determined in the next step.

Step 2: Create Objectives That Will Make You Better At Dating

As I’m sure you have heard being good with ladies is both an external and internal pathway of development. Your actions and thoughts must be aligned in the right way to attract the girls you want and your dating objectives should reflect this. Create 5 for your inner self-improvement, and 5 for your outer self.

What I mean is there are ambitions that will directly affect your inner thoughts/mindsets/beliefs and there are ones that will affect your appearance and social skills. Here are some examples but all the ambitions you write should be reflective of what you ultimately want to accomplish, being good with ladies.


Inner Objectives:

1. Rid myself of the fear to talk to an attractive girls I don’t know.

2. Identify and embraces my passion

3. Become more confident in my self-image

Outer Objectives

1. Be able to bring girls home the night I meet them

2. Not have conversations die when I am talking to ladies

3. Develop a better fashion sense.

You should ultimately create 10 dating objectives for yourself, if you are having trouble thinking of some I have provided a few ideas above but this is your own journey of self discovery and it is important some of them are that of your own.

Step 3: Prioritizing

It is important to reflect and find what ambitions are the most important to you in accomplishing – such as dating – while at the same time creating order to which ones you need to stay on top of. The great thing about this type of training is that if you constantly keep them in mind (I recommend printing a sheet of them and carrying it with you) you will see opportunities for you to take action and attain them.

Step 4: Create A Plan Of Action

I want you to sit down and reflect on each dating objective. Under each, list actual things you can start doing to make these things happen. You are essentially taking your aspirations and breaking them into the things you need to start doing to make them start manifesting. You are creating a plan of action and this is the most important step. This type of training works on success, finding things you can do to bring yourself to the next step.

Your focus will begin to shift away from your problems as you constantly find ways to continue to move forward in your life. As you accomplish each objective, you notice the next one becoming easier and easier because all these aspirations are reflective of each other. This is one of the few things where things get easier every step of the way. The hardest part is only in the beginning and by having a plan of action; the first step is not even that hard. Also the objectives you prioritized the highest should have the most plans of action because it is the area that needs the most work.

Remember a plan of action for each of your aspirations is something that you can physically do to bring yourself to the next level. Each plan for action should push you a bit further. Even if it seems impossible at the time, the impossible becomes possible if you keep working at it.


Inner Objective:

1. Rid myself of my fear to talk to women I don’t know

Plan of Action:

a. Start small talk with 10 strangers in a day while out and about

b. Start small talk with 5 girls you find attractive while out and about

c. Approach 3 girls you are attracted to by stating your attraction for them. “I think you are really cute”

d. Approach 5 girls in a row and have each one lead to a solid conversation.

Inner Objective:

2. Become more confident in myself image

Plan Of Action:

a. Loose 10 pounds

b. Put on 5 pounds in muscle mass

c. Find a hairdresser that will cut and style my hair. (No more barbers! Find a hot hairdresser that cares about you looking good)

d. Have a girl compliment me on my looks while out and about

Outer Objective:

1. Be able to bring girls home the night I meet them

Plan Of Action:

a. Find and become a regular at a place near my house to take girls on dates

b. Think of non sex reasons for girls to come over

c. Get a car

d. Find social venues near by your place to meet girls.

Outer Objective:

2. Not have conversations die when I am talking to girls

Plan Of Action:

a. Hold a conversation for 3 minutes with a girl

b. Hold a conversation for 10 minutes with a girl

c. Hold a conversation with a large group of ladies for 10 minutes

d. Go an entire conversation without asking about mundane things like names, jobs, and college majors

Outer Objective:

3. Develop a better fashion sense.

Plan Of Action:

a. Subscribe to a magazine like GQ

b. Set a day aside to spend a decent amount on a new wardrobe

c. Cultivate a female friendship where she can help you find what looks good on you

d. Make sure you get a new wardrobe at least every season as they come along


This step is by far the most important. Now that you have a plan to take action go and do so. Organize your list and create an action plan for each and every one. The more plans of action you have the better. Now print out a list of them that you can carry on you and make an effort to accomplish at least one a week.

If you continue this exercise, I GUARENTEE you will be better with girls. It is the only time I can give a 100% not a single doubt in my mind guarantee that doing this will drastically improve your results with them. I honestly don’t know what other motivation besides that I can give you. Best of luck.

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