How To Ask A Girl Out – The EASY Way!


Dating tips will help you keep from making mistakes and choking on your words. Never again will you flub up! Here’s how to do it EASILY!

Ask a girl out once and you should be able to do it a million times, right? Although it may seem simple, various aspects of asking a girl out can rattle a guy to his very core. Concepts like approach anxiety are common with a lot of guys.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re shy, nervous or you feel like she’s out of your league, it doesn’t have to be a catastrophe when you ask a girl out. At one point or another you’re going to have to step up your game, and be bold. Here are a few dating tips to get you through the process.

How To Approach Her

Approaching a girl that you like is one of the most difficult aspects of dating. As a guy, you’ve been cursed with the expectation to always initiate contact with the girl. For women, approaching a guy is liberating and can show confidence.

However, the threat of rejection is enough to cripple most men. When you are approaching her, make sure that you have a smile on your face. No girl wants to be approached by a guy with a frown. Don’t rush over to her like a hungry dog looking to be fed. Move a little slower than normal so you draw her in with your approach.

Starting A Conversation

There are a lot of dating tips out there that will tell you to use a specific routine. While these might work for some guys, they aren’t recommended. Routines are a “one size fits all” game that rarely works with girls that you’re actually interested in. Most of these routines are made to get girls to have one-night stands with you.

Simply saying “Hello” or “Hey can easily start a conversation with her. Introduce yourself, but don’t offer a handshake. This is a mistake that a lot of guys make when they approach girls. A handshake is not romantic; it’s business oriented. Wait until you can break the touch barrier before you actually touch her. Keep the conversation to questions about what she does and where she went to school. Judging by her body language, you should be able to tell whether or not she’s interested in you.

Breaking The Touch Barrier

The touch barrier is essential when you’re trying to ask a girl out. The touch barrier is basically the first time that you touch her. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to get to second base, it simply means that you touch her on the arm or the hand. If the approach has gone well then you should have her laughing. Breaking the touch barrier is not very difficult if you are good at flirting.

There are a lot of guys that know how to flirt, but don’t know how to approach. If you have her laughing, she might break the touch barrier before you get a chance to. Wait for her to start flirting back with you and then touch her shoulder or arm when she says something teasingly. Breaking the touch barrier is an essential of many dating tips when trying to get a woman to date you.

Ask For The Number

Asking for her number is much easier than asking her out. The best thing about asking for her number is that you aren’t definitely going to call. Although most guys do call when they the number, there is as much doubt in a girl’s mind as there is in a guy’s mind.

If the conversation is going well and she has broken the touch barrier, ask for her number. More than likely she will give it to you. Be ready with your phone when you do so you’re not fumbling with it while she’s trying to give you the number. A girl is more likely to give you her phone number than to agree to a date right then and there.

Prepare Yourself For Rejection

As with any aspect of dating, there is a chance that you could get rejected. When you go to ask a girl out, make sure that you are prepared for rejection. More than likely she will make up a story of a boyfriend or that she’s dating somebody rather than giving you a fake number. If she says that she has a boyfriend, brush it off and move one.

Don’t question her if she tells you that she has a boyfriend or if she’s not interested. You’re not going to change her mind and you’re wasting your time. Rejection is a part of dating and you need to be able to handle rejection in order to grow as a person.

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