5 Body Language Moves You MUST Master When Meeting Women


Body language is interpreted by women more than you might think. Women are very good at interpreting body language for one reason: It’s how they determine whether a man is irresistible or not.

Why is this? This is because without displaying confidence, no amount of flirting will work. In fact, do you know that women can tell how confident you are just by the way you stand? Women always interpret your body language to see what’s REALLY going on.
So how can you portray to women a high level of self-respect that makes them feel attracted to you?

1.  Stand with Powerful Posture

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Posture is extremely important when you flirt with women and it’s the most powerful way to convey power and confidence.

Here’s how to correct your posture:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror
  2. Puff out your chest and make your spine straight
  3. Relax your shoulders

Bonus Step: Now slouch over and see how it makes you look. Which image do find more appealing?

Women can tell whether you’ll be interesting or not just by observing your posture as you approach them. And, although posture is important, eyes are your most important asset when it comes to successful body language and flirting.

2. Get Caught Looking

Eyes convey a tremendous amount of information about a person. When you keep eye contact with woman, you say an awful lot about your own self-esteem.

Do not look away when a woman looks at you. I repeat. DO NOT look away when a woman is looking at you. If you do, she will think, “He’s shy, has no confidence and if he has any feelings for me, he’s trying to hide them. I know this because he doesn’t even have the guts to keep looking and be honest about how he feels.”

If you want to utilize the single best way to instantly trigger a woman’s attraction, then keep looking when she looks over.

Here are the three quick steps:

  1. Look in her direction until she looks over
  2. Hold the look until she looks away
  3. Walk over and start flirting with her

If you look at the ground because you’re shy your head will naturally point towards the ground. When your head faces downwards your shoulders tend to roll forward creating terrible posture. That’s why simply looking at the ground can repel a woman.

3. Tilt Your Chin Up

While eye contact and posture are your two most important assets to effectively flirt with women, the positioning of your head can add the finishing touches to your confidence. Understand this:

People want to be around people who are BETTER than they are
People want to hang out with people who are COOLER than they are
People want to learn from people with MORE EXPERIENCE than they have
People want to compete against people with MORE SKILLS than they have

And it’s exactly the same for women. A subtle way to fulfill this natural desire within people is to tilt your chin up, but still make eye contact with the woman while flirting.

Women love it when you’re very sure of yourself. While this technique may seem like a display of arrogance, it doesn’t come across that way.

Without going into it too much, women enjoy men who are arrogant in a humbling, sort of non-offensive, way. Notice how popular and rich people tend to project an aura of arrogance without offending?

Others respect these people because they respect themselves. Use this universal body language to subconsciously communicate success and self-respect. Soon others will believe this about you. Bottom line: Don’t be afraid of rejection. Others will comply.

4. Stand Reasonably Still

Nervous body language is your ticket to a night of loneliness. If you come across as nervous when you introduce yourself to a woman, you will make her nervous. Here are some examples of nervous behavior in a woman:

Flitting their eyes around
Scratching their back, neck, hands or face.
Shuffling their feet
Swaying left to right
Talking in an unnatural or rehearsed tone of voice
Speaking in a monotone and quiet voice
Fidgeting with accessories (phones, watches, bracelets or necklaces)

Sometimes less is more. The less you move your body the more attractive and confident you will appear when trying to meet women.

5. Reward Her with Smiles

This may be hard to understand, but don’t smile all the time. Guys often smile because they’re insecure, but this is not the reason you shouldn’t use your smile. When you can make a woman laugh, smile, and enjoy herself without too much facial expression, you increase the level of mystique surrounding yourself.

Think about it. If you tone down your facial expressions (while also eliminating nervous body language, as discussed above) you don’t give the woman any clear indication that you like her.

If she’s 100 percent sure you like her, there is no mystique. But if at the end of the interaction or date the woman still doesn’t know anything about you and your intentions, she’ll want to find out more. She becomes seduced by her own curiosity.

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