Can You Win the Approval of the ‘Dating Board’?


Dating, divorced or not, can be as nerve wracking as a tough job interview.  You never know the questions but at least you know what you should get quizzed on.  You’ve fielded all of the queries from your new interest but it’s time to move on to what I like to call “The Board Room.”

What Is The Dating Board Room?

The Board Room isn’t a physical place.  It’s the culmination of several different people who are going to interview you and present their findings to your lady.  This interview process can take days, weeks or even months, depending on who is part of the board room.  It always occurs, even if you don’t know it.  This is where you may here “You’re fired!”

Who Is On The Board?

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The board can consist of several different men and women who have the interests of your lady in mind.  Most women have at least two confidantes; a “best” girlfriend and a close male “GuyFriend.”  Other members of the board normally will include at least one or two other friends of either gender and close family, like her mother and dad.

The Girlfriend

You have to sell yourself to this woman.  Not only is she the closest person to your lady, your lady is probably her best friend.  Early in the relationship The Girlfriend is probably the most important person to not insult, cajole or arouse suspicion in.  Her word will be what seals the deal.  If she doesn’t like you there’s not much hope for your new relationship.

The “GuyFriend”

The GuyFriend can be a tough sell.  Put yourself in his shoes.  Here’s a close female friend of his who is dating this new guy (you).  You’re competing for part of his turf and she will listen to the GuyFriend to determine if you’re a huge creep.  Guys tend to read guys rather well.  If you’re obviously a fraud, the GuyFriend will spot you easily.

Mom and Dad

Depending on how close she is to her family, mom and dad’s opinion of you may be what truly closes this deal.  They raised her, have her interests in mind, and know now to handle your lady when they want her to listen.  Parents also have the job of ALWAYS being the parent and have met her other men.  Mom and dad have the experience of dealing with the good and the bad and will understand your situation.

The Posse

The Posse is her other friends.  The ones she hangs out with now and then but doesn’t share all of her secrets.  One or two may have misgivings about you, it’s bound to happen.  You’re in serious trouble if ALL of them do.

How To Get The Job

There’s only one safe bet to get the job.  Be real.  Be yourself.  Unless you’re a Hollywood actor who never steps out of character and comes back to the real world, people can and will see you for who you really are.  You can only keep up the act for so long.  It’s only a matter of time before your truly colors show.  Remember that a tiger can’t change it’s stripes.  Maybe it can roll in the mud and cover them, but before long someone will see it for what it truly is.

Does Being Divorced Help?

Divorce, hard as it is, can complicate matters even further, particularly if you have children.  Children change the dating landscape and your new lady knows that.  Her parents will be more than willing to impart their wisdom about your situation which has the tendency to be more negative if their daughter doesn’t already have children.

As difficult as things may be, divorce can also be a strength.  You’ve been through something physically and emotionally difficult and come out with a stronger emotional fortitude..  Use that strength in the board room.  Be open about yourself but be true to who you are.  Your lady, her friends and her family will appreciate you more for it.  Before you know it, you’ve got the job.

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