Cinderella Was a Liar


No Love Life? Blame Cinderella!

It’s all Cinderella’s fault.

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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“If you have ever sat in front of the television on a Friday night wondering ‘What the hell happened to the fairytale? Where’s my Happily Ever After?’

Then it’s time you knew the truth: Cinderella was a liar,” says Brenda Della Casa, author of Cinderella Was A Liar.

That’s right ladies, we’ve been spending our lives searching for something that doesn’t exist, all because of that damned glass slipper.

And guys, you’ve been through hell and back just because you don’t happen to fit the image we’ve been carrying around in our heads all of these years.

As little girls, we took to Cinderella as through it were gospel.

We were certain that our perfect guy would show up any day on his white stallion, ready to profess his love and devotion and whisk us off to the ball: He’d pop that glass slipper on your foot, and instantly your life would be transformed from sweeping the cinders to true love and the spotlight dance at the big ball.

The men in our lives – decent, stable guys with jobs and receding hairlines and no horseback riding experience whatsoever were thrown back, and deemed unworthy. Or maybe we met someone we were certain was Prince Charming, and he just disappeared into the sunset after the first date.

Sure, he might have been under some sort of a twilight frog spell. Or maybe, you’re one of the “Sisters” no Prince wants to date.

Here’s how Casa describes the various “Sister” types. Are any of them YOU?

The Dramatic Sister

She’s so fair, so fun, and so damn loud! A dramatic sister fashions herself a diva (which she mistakenly perceives as a good thing) and loves to put on a show.

Everything from where to go to the wrenching details of her latest romantic drama is such a huge production that everyone around her feels drained by the second hour. The ugly truth is that she’s an energy vampire: she just sucks.

The Jaded Sister

With more baggage than Eva Peron on her Rainbow Tour, discussions start out light and airy and soon take a turn for the morbid when the topic of relationships comes up.

Still pissed over her ex, who was a total cad and did not deserve her, she often unwittingly makes comments about suitors that make everyone feel they are wearing a wool sweater in a downpour. Oh, and please don’t bother sharing news about your new prince!

She doesn’t believe they exist.

Sister Self-Importance

This sister can’t figure out why she’s not famous yet. She’s a total star!

She is fantastic, interesting and drop-dead gorgeous. Just ask her! She’s always wanted to give one of those celebrity interviews she loves reading which is why she treats every new suitor like an US Weekly journalist.

By the end of the night her date has enough info on her to snatch her identity and she knows his name – well his first one at least.

The Saucy Sister

This sexy maiden loves to flaunt her, uh, appeal any chance she gets.

With her tightly bound corsets, double-entendres, heaving bosom and six-inch stilettos, she oozes sex, dresses sex and talks sex – and then she wonders why all she gets is sex?

The Martyr Sister

Sigh! Move over for Sister Joan of Arc. This is the kind of girl who’s been through hell and back – and that’s just while she’s at work. She’s always suffering at the hands of evil bosses, witchy-bitchy friends, and slimy toads.

If everyone in the world were as kind as she is, things would be so much nicer, wouldn’t they?

Sister Superficiality

In these modern times, magazines and television shows exploit the idea that a maiden’s hair color or a lad’s stock portfolio is more important than their value system.

Thus, it can be difficult to remember that underneath that shell lies a soul – with feelings, needs, wants, hopes and dreams. Whether your basis for placing an overwhelming amount of credibility on the external is based on total oblivion or a lack of empathy, a maiden who does so comes across as vapid and boring.

But The Best Part Was…

What I liked best about Cinderella Was A Liar was that the author spent a lot of pages talking about how to get past the fantasies and find real and lasting love.

How to appreciate the real guys around you, and how to create your own fairy tale life, prince or not. Perhaps the most entertaining parts of the book are the quotes from men – expressing their real feelings on everything from bachelor parties to women who make them crazy to why they fall in love.

Bottom line? This dating book is a charmer!

"The Little Black Book of Sex Positions"

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