The Worst Dating Advice EVER!


Dating advice can be both good and bad. Here is some of the most awful dating advice you can get – so be sure to steer clear of these!

What She Said:

For women, the worst dating advice is anything that has to do with the book “The Rules.” There should never ever be rules when it comes to dating. When you allow rules and try to have them you just end up not being yourself and you end up playing games. Last time I checked, we aren’t in elementary school, so stop it! If you want to ask a guy out, do it! If you want to call a guy, ext a guy or sleep with a guy, DO IT! Pay no attention to what you think others thinking you should do Dating is fun, so have fun!

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For guys, I think the worst advice is the idea that they should be super sweet. Yes, you should be a gentleman but don’t let her control the date/relationships or make all the decisions. That being said, don’t be super cocky either. Respect her but respect yourself first. There is a fine line between dorky and cocky. Hopefully you are man enough to know how to be yourself.

What He Said:

Worst dating advice ever? Anything ever said on Oprah, or anything ever written in a book by women. Ever notice that most women who write dating books are single and or have a strong “I hate men” vibe to them? Well, you should’ve. Cause they do. Not only that, they have no idea what they’re talking about.

They’re trying to make sense of men from a female perspective. That’s stupid. Those “the rules” chicks are man hating evil demons from hell. I’m being too nice, I know. I should really say what I think, but seriously. They should be stoned to death by women everywhere, because they make men run like hell. We’re not afraid of commitment, we’re afraid to committing to those women.

Know what else is stupid, all those sell out men, who are lying to women under the guise of “telling it like it is (Steve Harvey and that “Men Are from Mars” dude, I am looking your direction.) They make us seem like dogs and that we need to be trained or fixed, or whatever. It’s not true. You don’t need to fix anyone, and you shouldn’t wait an arbitrary number of dates in order to get a guy to stick around or be faithful. That’s the worse dating advice ever heard.

Truth is, you should have sex with someone when you feel like it. When it feels right is when it’s right to sleep with someone. Could be seven dates in, could be seven minutes in. When it’s right, it’s right. There’s some sort of myth out there that if you withhold sex from a man, somehow you’ll get him to stick around longer. That’s like saying starving people will stay somewhere where they know there is no food.

The opposite is true. The sooner you sleep with a dude, the better in terms of keeping him around. Maybe he won’t stick around, but that is on him, and has nothing with when you sleep with him. If he’s going to bolt, he’s going to bolt and why not get some anyway? He might be really good at it, and it’s never really that bad.

For guys, don’t buy into feminism. There’s nothing wrong with women earning more and being equal, but at the end of the day, it always boils down to “Me Tarzan, you Jane.” All women want to be led, whether they know it or not. That’s why they love bad boys, at least for a while. They take charge, they know who they are, they make no apologies for it, they are exciting and unpredictable. They usually wind up treating girls crappy, so don’t model that part, but model the rest. Women want a man to do all those things and rock their world.

They say you should be yourself. That’s loser talk. Nobody ever got laid “being themselves.” You can only get some “being your best self.” You should be true to yourself, but always be at your best, inside and out. Make it easy on yourself too. The worst dating advice a guy ever got is “it’s whats on the inside that matters.” Yes, that’s important, but she’s never going to see if it if you look like a morbidly obese serial killer. Get nice clothes, get your hair did, get in the gym, make your outside a reflection of the inside. Women love a great visual as much as men do. (Don’t believe me? Two words: Magic Mike. I rest my case).

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