Dating – How To REALLY Be Successful


Dating doesn’t have to be difficult with these easy to follow suggestions. Find out how to win the dating game today! There are some basic guidelines you should follow to ensure that your date is as successful as possible.

Be Flexible

When scheduling a date, try your best to plan for problems to crop up. If you are going to a concert that begins at 8:00pm, don’t plan on arriving at 7:55pm. Try to put in a 30-minute cushion in case your date is late, you have car problems, you run into traffic or something else happens. Being late can cause a lot of stress on a date. Arriving early gives you time to relax and have a good conversation while you wait.

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If you are planning an outdoor date, try to have an indoor backup plan in case of inclement weather. Don’t let a date get ruined because you can’t have your picnic at the beach. Have your picnic in your living room instead. Or go bowling.

Realize that unavoidable things happen. You might lose your tickets or the restaurant might have lost your reservation. Don’t let these situations get you steamed. Show your date that you have class, composure and a sense of humor. Laugh it off.

Use Your Senses

If you want to have a really successful date, try to include as many of the five senses as possible. Here are just a few examples.

  • Taste – good food, eating wild berries, nice wine or champagne
  • Smell – candles, fragrant flowers, food grilling, mints
  • Touch – sand in your toes, waterfalls, a gentle back massage, a warm fire
  • Sight – sunsets, beautiful gardens, tour of a historic building
  • Sound – a live band, birds chirping, waves crashing, waterfalls

Make It Personal

The ideas in this book are just a guide. If you know your date’s favorite colors, music, movies, restaurants, hobbies, etc. you can make the dates even more meaningful. Perhaps you should do the “Favorite Date” as one of your first so you have this information on hand.

But just because someone has a favorite restaurant, don’t get stuck in a rut by going there all the time. New experiences will add pizzazz to your relationship.


Almost everyone loves a good surprise. Build up the anticipation for a date by keeping certain elements a surprise. Maybe you can send clues for the date throughout the week. If it is a rather “simple” date, don’t play it up too big, otherwise your date might be disappointed.

I think surprises always add to the mystery and romance of a date. It tells me that my date has taken the time to plan something in advance.

What NOT To Do On a First Date

On your first date (and future dates) you want to make a good impression. Here are some things you want to be careful NOT to do:

  • Forget your wallet
  • Talk about all your previous relationships
  • Brag – few things are more offensive than someone who is so full of them self
  • Chew tobacco or reek of cigarette smoke
  • Get drunk
  • Talk about sex or make physical advances
  • Be late
  • Do dinner and a movie (how ordinary)

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