3 Common Dating Mistakes You’ll REGRET If You Make Them!


Dating tips are commonly focused on the conversation, but the actions that you make can completely outweigh whatever conversational chemistry you have. These actions can also involve you self-image. Here are the 3 most common mistakes that ruin a date with a “10.”

1. Not Thinking About Style The Way Women Do

A lot of guys think that they are in-style because they are wearing something that their guy friends think is cool.  The truth is that most women do not have the same taste as your guy friends. For example, here’s a few things you should NEVER wear on a first date, or basically ever.

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Affliction or Ed Hardy-style clothing (anything with dragons or skulls screams “douchebag” to a woman), athletic jerseys (unless you are actually AT the game), any type of MMA clothing (Hit Man Fight Gear, Tap Out, etc.), excessive jewelry (keep it to your watch and maybe ONE other tasteful piece), Tevas or, God forbid, Crocs. Wearing any one of these things will kill your chances with a fashion-conscious woman, which is what nearly all “10’s” are.

2. Not Making A Move

Listen up! As a man, it’s YOUR JOB to make the first move to get physical – and if you don’t – you will end up in the friend zone, for sure. And here’s something else you need to know: A woman would much rather you take the chance and go for a kiss at the wrong time then have you not go for it at all!

With that in mind though, the best time to go for a kiss is NOT necessarily at the end of a date.In fact, that’s often a BAD time for a couple reasons: It’s a “high pressure” moment, and all of that build-up can make things awkward If you start kissing her earlier in the night – the two of you can be kissing the entire time – not just once at the end! So when you are planning your date, think about a good way you could start kissing part-way through.

This is why I love taking girls out for a drink at intimate wine bars or cocktail lounges instead of restaurants. Find a place where the 2 of you are sitting close to each other, and when conversation is going great, lean in and go for it! You’ll be surprised at just how much more willing a girl is to kiss you in the middle of the date during some great conversation versus waiting until that awkward moment at the end like most guys do.

Bonus Tip:

As a good way did get things started, break up the conversation with a sincere compliment, then go for it. For example, after she finishing talking, say, “Wow, you look gorgeous right now” and maintain eye contact. Then lean in to kiss her. If she gives you the cheek, that’s totally fine… it’s all part of the game. You see, most 10’s aren’t gonna kiss a guy the first time he tries! (They don’t want to feel too easy.)

Don’t be afraid of rejection. If you get “the cheek”, go ahead and kiss her on the cheek, then pull back and keep the convo going strong like nothing happened. Then, give it another shot a little bit later. You’ll be surprised at how often you start kissing passionately on the 2nd try!

3. Not Taking Action

This is perhaps the BIGGEST mistake guys make when it comes to women and dating is not taking action to get that part of their lives handled. I know, because I used to be absolutely TERRIBLE with women. I was a virgin until I was 24 years old. You want to be an alpha male.

For a while there, I just accepted that as my fate, and figured things would always be that way. But then a few years ago, I made the decision to figure this stuff out once and for all. It took me a long time before I started dating the 10’s. I started by dating 3’s and 4’s! I then worked my way up to hotter girls. And it was then I found that the HOTTEST girls were totally different than all the rest.

And after a few more years of trial and error, I figured out how to land those ultra-hot model girls as well. I’m still just a regular dude. I live in 2 bedroom apartment that I share with a friend, I drive a 6 year old car, and I’m no Colin Farrell when it comes to my looks.  But these days, I’m able to get most any girl I want – and do it without rejection, and without wasting a lot of money or time. The difference is, I TOOK ACTION!


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