7 Sketchy Places To Meet Your Next Girlfriend


When dating, finding new places to meet women is tough. Ever tell your friends how you met your last girlfriend? No? Neither have I. Not in too much detail, at least. Most of the time the story goes, “I met her at a bar” or “We were in the same class” or“W e work at the same office.”

But you should know, women OBSESS over these dating stories. They tell their girlfriends every little, tiny detail. And they share the story of the day you met with every single person they know. So, in this article, you’ll discover how to give her a damn INTERESTING story to tell.

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“I Met Him While We Were Trapped 50 Feet Below Ground”

Creepy, right? Sounds like a love story straight from a horror movie. Truth is, this strange place to meet your next girlfriend was voted “The Most Romantic Place To Meet A Man” in a recent, 2010 survey done by a famous woman’s magazine.

And this place is…. the subway.

If you live in any major, metropolitan city, there are thousands of women waiting to meet and start dating you. And you see them every day, riding the subway. If you say the right things to her, it’s as if you walked straight out of her favorite romantic movie, and into her dreams.

Here are some tips:

  • Start with a compliment. This one works great: “I saw you and your energy seems so positive, I had to come talk to you.” (This works way better than complimenting her body or outfit)
  • Then ask an easy question: “Where are you headed?”
  • Finally, before you get off the train, tell her this: “I never meet anyone interesting on the subway. I’d love to get coffee with you, sometime.”
  • When she says yes, tell her you’ll call her, then get her phone number.

“I Met Him While We Were Surrounded By Dead Animals”

Another one of those horror dating stories, right? Wrong! Whether you’re a younger man who’s into cougars or you’re an older, career focused man who likes career focused women. This place is a perfect place for you to meet women.

And this is… The Grocery Store.

Specifically, the meat section. (Although the other sections will work, as well.) You shop for groceries. She shops for groceries. And between you and me, most of the time she looks sexy as hell doing it. You may as well TALK to the gorgeous women you meet at Whole Foods or Stop ‘n Shop, right? Especially if you’d like to be dating them!

Here’s how:

  • Walk up to her and give her a nice compliment, like before. Try: “Wow. You look like quite a cook.” (Works even better if you’re joking on her for buying microwave meals)
  • Start talking about things you like to cook. Move onto topics like activities you like to do. Just make small talk.
  • After a few minutes, tell her: “Hey, it was really great meeting you. Grocery shopping is usually such a chore. It was a pleasure to bump into you. I’d love to keep talking about X TOPIC sometime – do you drink coffee?”
  • If she says yes, get the number. If she says no, tell her you know this great tea place, then get the number.

It’s laid back. It’s full of romance. And it WORKS. Try it out, for yourself.

“I Met Him In The Middle Of A Pack Of Nerds And Geeks”

Before I started learning how to meet women, I spent most of my time obsessing over my job. (I worked in a physics lab, and had an B+ rating on ICCUP – a professional video game league) So you can believe me when I tell you: This super-nerdy place to meet women is a gold mine for women who are smart, intelligent, artistic and creative. It’s also an amazing place to meet cute, young college students.

How about… the library?

Surrounded by books, the library is super laid back and quiet. Women love the idea of dating someone seeing them for who they really are. And what’s more revealing than what she’s reading at the library? Nothing!

Try picking her up, like this:

  • Check out what she’s reading, and then ask her if she likes it.
  • If you’re in a quiet room, slip her a note. Ask her the same question above, but start it with one of the compliments we talked about, earlier. Try “You seem like you’ve got great taste in literature.”
  • That works even better if she’s reading something jokey – like a comic book or romance novel.
  • By now, you know the drill for getting her number. Make her feel special, then ask her if she likes coffee.

Chances are this woman is smart, educated and interesting in making something of herself. At the very least, she’s a reader. And if you’re a reader – you’re a good match.

“I Met Him 100 Feet Away From The Dungeons And Dragons Club”

Yet you’ll find all kinds of interesting women at this, particular place: From women who love to cook and clean, to women who are into economics and politics, even women obsessed with sexual improvement and tantra. Best of all, you can pick which “type” of woman you’d like to be dating as easily as walking just a few feet to your left or right.

Because it is…the bookstore.

And the book store has a whole different set of rules than the library. For one, you can talk, chat and mingle. For another, you can pick which type of woman you’d like to meet, based on what’s she’s reading or where she’s hanging out! Want a down to earth woman? Try the cooking sections. Want a sexually liberated woman? Try self-improvement.

In fact, here are three things to keep in mind, when meeting women at a book store:

  • Be respectful. She’s trying to read. So when you approach her, say “I don’t mean to interrupt, but…” and then go into your compliments from the library.
  • Don’t keep her too long. Have small, five minute conversations.
  • You can go on your first date, right then! Many book stores have coffee shops right in the lobby. So you can bring your new friend on a first date just a few minutes after you meet her. Ask her if she wants to grab coffee and keep talking. (And DON’T call it a first date!)

Once you’ve mastered the library and the book store, here are a few more “sketchy” places to meet your new girlfriend…

“I Met Him When He Woke Me Up From A Nap”

Sounds like you’re sitting in her bedroom, waiting for her to fall asleep, right? Wrong! Hell, you know this place like the back of your hand. (And I can GUARANTEE there’s one woman you’d like to meet here even if you’ve got a SUPER crush on some woman, right now)

What about the classroom….or your work?

Either or, it’s somewhere you spend most of your time. And the women there spend all day doing the same things, over and over, too. Not only will you know a bunch of the same people, you’ll also have at least ONE thing in common. (Which is a major turn on for most women!)

Here are the “rules” you need to know, before you start seriously dating a woman, at work (or school):

  • Keep it low key. Even when you’re out and out dating, keep your relationship in the down low. Let her tell people, when she’s ready. This way, you won’t screw things up, by accident.
  • Be subtle and gradual. This means you don’t ask her on a date, right away. Instead, invite her to grab a drink with you and a few of the guys. Then, at the end of the night, tell her you had fun talking to her and would like to grab lunch some day, while you’re working.
  • These small steps give you big returns because you’ll eventually get to a first date – even sex – without scaring her off along the way

“I Met Him While I Was Hot And Sweaty”

At this next place, you see athletic women where ever you look. Women wearing practically nothing, sunning themselves to get a tan. Women who are friendly, active and blessed with toned, tight, sexy bodies. That’s because you’re hanging out in…

A park!

It’s outdoors. It’s active. It’s fun for most people. And women you meet here are active, friendly and social. If you’re into working out or eating healthy, you’ll meet and possibly start dating) some amazing women here.

  • Take a second to break the ice and start flirting. Say, “I know this is kinda of awkward, but…” or “I know this is out of the blue, but…” and then follow it up with a compliment.
  • “I know this is out of the blue, but, I saw you running and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. What’s your name?”
  • And as always, chat for a few minutes, then suggest grabbing some coffee. (Feel free to make a joke about not wanting to go now, because they’ll kick her out for being too sweaty)

“I Met Him While I Was Wrist Deep In Another Man’s Dough”

Yup. You read that right. In this area, there’s a good chance she’ll be buried wrist deep in another man’s dough. She’ll also be highly creative, very nurturing and one hell of a cook. (Plus, she’ll smell like warm cupcakes on a summer afternoon)

This place is… a baking or cooking class.

Oh man! If you’ve ever wanted to be SURROUNDED by women who are ALL “eyeing” you like you’re the hottest man she’s ever seen – a baking class is the place to be! You usually get to be partners with a few women who take care of themselves, are looking to improve themselves and are usually very, very sensual.

(They like to make things, smell things, and touch things. Sex with a woman who takes baking or cooking lessons is almost guaranteed to be a good time!)

So how do you find a good class to start dating women? And how would you meet women once you’re there? Here are the tips:

  • Try a class with cupcakes or other baked goods. Cupcakes are very “in style” right now, and will be for a few years to come – so you’ll meet hotter, “trendier” women than you would at, say, a local lasagna class.
  • Make sure you’re ACTIVE in making the baked goods! Take charge, give people jobs, delegate. Be the man they look to for what to do next.
  • Bring a girl friend. This one is the easiest – and most important – of all: Bring a girl who’s also your friend. You do this so the women will know you’re straight and they’ll fight with the other girl to date you.
  • (Honestly? Your girl friend gives you – a straight man – a reason to be at a cupcake class. The real reason? The women are hot and cupcakes are yummy… There’s really no mystery here)

Go alone and you’re risking an uphill battle. Not to mention, the girl friend you bring will get highly attracted to you, as well.

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