Do You Suffer From The “Jerk” Paradox?


Dating tips don’t often tell you what to do with the woman you’re really into is dating a cocky guy. She’d be better of with you, but just what do you do?

What Is The “Jerk Paradox?”

Have you ever known a hot girl – maybe you had a crush on her – but she was dating a guy who was a complete ass?

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Maybe you felt like she’d be better off you – you would have treated her like a queen – but she stuck with the mean guy no matter what he did to her?

I think we’ve all seen this happen – a lot.

We’ve all seen a beautiful girl who is CRAZY over a man jerk who don’t pay her much attention.

Heck, I’ve even seen beautiful girls who could have their choice of great guys stick with dudes who were downright ABUSIVE! I used to say, “why isn’t that girl with a fella like me? Or ANY other man for that matter?”

It just didn’t make sense.

But then finally, I realized what was going on.

Why Mean Men Get The Girls While Nice Ones Finish Last

Have you heard the famous Chris Rock comedy bit about guys “offering d*ck”?

It’s REALLY funny. Basically what Chris points out is that every woman in the world, since she was 13 years old, has had pretty much man she’s ever met offering her sex!

He goes on to say how every time a guy talks to a girl, he is really just trying to get into her pants.

Can I get that for ya” translates into “How ’bout some d*ck?”

Can I help you with that?” translates into “Can I help you with some d*ck?”

Too funny! And let me tell you, this is truer than all the dating tips in the world!

Every woman you know – especially if she’s attractive – has men THROWING THEMSELVES at her 10 times a day!

So if you approach a woman in the WRONG WAY – which is any way that DOESN’T make her work for it – she automatically throws you in the same category as every other wimp she has met, and she automatically forgets about dating you.

Why Cocky Men Never Have This Problem

The thing about guys who are mean is that they NATURALLY approach, talk to, and deal with women in a way that is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than the dozens of other guys trying to get into her pants.

It’s very subtle. You actually might not even see the difference unless it was pointed out to you, but the RESULT is very different.

It’s different because it sparks a woman’s curiosity, then creates a subtle challenge that makes her feel like she has to WORK for his attention, not the other way around.

This type of challenge is very addicting to a woman. Women LOVE games and solving puzzles – it’s the reason they read all of those mystery novels – so when they meet a guy who is a challenge they just cant get enough of him.

How To Get These Same Smoking Hot Women – Without Being An Ass!

If you can make a woman feel like she has to WORK FOR IT, it gets her chasing you. She starts to see YOU as the “catch” and gets very excited about the possibility of being with you.

It’s this simple little thing that separates the guys who get the 10’s from the guys who don’t.

It NOTHING to do with being full of yourself and being mean to women. And EVERYTHING to do with being a CHALLENGE.

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