Dating Tips For Women – How To Get A Date


Here are 5 great dating tips for women to help you get that first date without making yourself look desperate – or like a dud!

Let’s face it – guys aren’t always so quick on the uptake when it comes to realizing that a girl likes them. If you wait around for a man to make the first move, you may be waiting quite awhile for that first date. So don’t be afraid to take the initiative, make the first move and ask him for a date.

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Tip #1 – Suggest A Group Date

One of the best dating tips I can give you is to invite him out on a group date. Some guys don’t like the pressure of a one on one dating situation, and that may be why he hasn’t made the first move yet. He may be thinking he has to take you out to a movie or dinner for that first date, and he may not be ready to deal with that level of dating intimacy yet.

Group date ideas can take some of the pressure off him. Suggest a group date with you, him and some other mutual friends to do something fun like laser tag or paintball. He’ll be more inclined to accept the offer if it seems more like just a bunch of friends hanging out rather than an actual first date, but you’ll still get to spend time together, enjoy some sexy flirting,  and see if there is any chemistry between the two of you.

Tip #2 – Hint At Something You Want To Do

Another great dating tip is to learn how to give him hints and gentle nudges in the direction you would like him to go.

Sometimes guys lock up and won’t ask a girl out because they’re just not sure what to suggest doing on the first date. He doesn’t know what you like or don’t like, and for all he knows, he may be inviting a vegetarian out to dinner at the best steakhouse in town. So if he’s been eyeing you all evening and hasn’t made a move yet, he may be afraid of refection if he suggests an idea that you wouldn’t like or would think is lame.

Instead of waiting for him to make the first move (because you may be waiting a long time), provide him with some date ideas by letting him know you’ve really been wanting to see a particular movie or love ice skating. This will open door for him to let you know he’d love to take you – and he won’t have to be so nervous about going somewhere with you that he’s afraid you’ll hate or getting turned down from the start because you thought his date idea was lame.

Tip #3 – Buy Him A Beer

You’ve made googly eyes at him across the bar and he hasn’t made a move yet. Maybe he’s nervous about approaching women, so instead he just doesn’t do anything. A lot of guys are so afraid of rejection that they would rather stay single than take the risk.

Here’s a great dating tip to ease his fear of rejection. Break the ice by having the bartender serve him up one of what he’s drinking – and make sure that the bartender lets him know it’s from the cute girl “over there.” This will definitely let him know that you’re interested. He’ll of course have to get up and say thank you, giving you the opportunity to chat him up and get that first date with him.

Tip #4 – Text Him

The dating world has changed with texting, chatting, and video. Maybe you’re the one whose afraid of rejection… If that’s the case here’s a dating tip for just you to help ease your fears.

If you have his number, text him an invitation to a group outing or other fun date idea. Texting is totally non-threatening and will give him time to think about the date before giving you his answer. He may be more likely to accept because he’s  not put on the spot like he would be with a direct invitation in person or on the phone.

Sometimes guys lock up when they’ve been put on the spot, and you may get a rejection simply because he’s too scared to say yes – not because he’s not into you. Sending him a text will once again take the pressure off him, and he’ll be more likely to accept your dating invitation because he’s had some time to mull it over.

Tip #5 – Let Him Help You With Something

Almost all guys love helping a “damsel in distress.” It’s hard wired into their genetic code. Take advantage of this by getting his help with something. If you’re a strong, independent woman, it may ruffle your feathers a bit to want help from a man.

Think about it in the perspective of “letting” him to help you with something,  such as the funny noise your car is making or the leaky pipes under your sink. Not only will he enjoy helping you, you’ll also get to spend time with each other and practice flirting with each other to see if there’s any chemistry there – without the official “first date” stamp on it.

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