6 Dating Tips For Young Professional Men


Dating tips for professional fellas aren’t the same as those that most guys use. If you’re just getting into the working world, check out these dating tips!

If you have recently become a young professional male, you probably need some dating tips to help you transition from college dating. College dating is all about doing things on the cheap. When you’re a young professional male dating is no longer a couple of MGD’s in a field.

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You are expected to class things up a little bit. Getting a crash course in dating tips for a young professional male will keep you from looking ridiculous when you ask out a girl that has a decent job. This can also help you look professional when out and about. Here are some dating tips for young professional males.

1. Pay Attention To Your Wardrobe

One of the best dating tips you can get is to make an immediate change to your wardrobe. Your wardrobe is going to be a dead giveaway of either having a good job or being a bum. You don’t have to put on your Sunday’s best when you’re doing yard work, but having nicer clothing will separate you from the rest of the guys vying for her attention. Don’t think that you have to wear Brooks Brothers to look good. Shopping at a retail outlet can easily save you some money on your wardrobe. The hierarchy should be nice shirts, decent pants and really nice shoes.

2. Keep In Mind Your Profession Doesn’t Define You

Congratulations! You made it through college and now you have a job. Yes, your job is important to you, but that doesn’t mean that you have to talk about it all the time. A job is something that can say a lot about you, but it doesn’t define you. When you are first starting out in the job market you probably will not be a VP of marketing.

If you do get an amazing job right out of college then you’re above the rest. But just because you have a good job doesn’t mean that the girl is going to be impressed. Successful guys approach beautiful women all the time. You need to separate yourself from the self-involved guys that always approach women by appealing to them on a real level. Don’t make your job the topic of every conversation.

3. Be Current

As a young professional male, one of the best dating tips to consider is brushing up on your current events. Current events are one of the best ways to easily have conversations with women. When you are in the know about current events, TV shows, movies and other aspects of popular culture and news you show that you’re interested in the world. Women don’t want a guy that is living in his own world. Make it a point to stay current with the various aspects of the news to alleviate any awkward silences during a date.

4. Leave The Frat House Behind

As mentioned before, you’re not in college anymore. You’re a young professional male and it’s time that you act like one. As far as dating tips go, being what you are instead of playing the part is one of the best tips to give. No more blackout drinking, staying out until all hours of the night or living in a pig pen. Ditch all of your old habits and start being a young professional man. This means going to bed at a reasonable hour, abstaining from alcohol regularly and keeping a professional attitude in all aspects of your life.

5. Be Active

It’s all too easy to work a 40-hour week and then just come home to lie around on the couch. Women don’t want a guy that doesn’t have hobbies. Find a couple of activities that you like doing and keep up with them.

Get into a routine of daily trips to the gym or weekly movies with your friends. When you have a hobby it’s much easier to get a potential date involved. This is one of the best dating tips for young guys because it leads to common interests and teaching the girl a new skill. This will also keep you from being clingy and needy.

6. Don’t Be The Bank

You have a great job, but that doesn’t mean that you’re her personal ATM. Paying on the first date is pretty customary. If she insists on paying for herself then let her, but if she lets you pay for her then go ahead and pay for the meal. You’ve got a new job and it’s probably the first time in your life that you have disposable income. Treat her to dinner or drinks and don’t make a big deal out of it. However, the last thing that you want to do is be her bank.

This is one of the many dating tips that are universal to all aspects of the dating world, but especially true for young professionals. Your money is your money. How you choose to spend it is your choice. If you want to make a good impression buy her dinner, but don’t make it an expectation on her part.

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