How A Girl Can Hook Up With A Guy


Dating is one thing, a one night stand is another. Here’s how to get with a man without bringing home a bunch of baggage.

What She Said:

Dress sexy, show up, flirt and ask him, “Your place or mine?” – repeat.

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Dressing Sexy Will Do The Trick a

I’d find four more examples, but this pretty much does the trick every time. It’s not that men are simple creatures by any stretch – but if a woman shows up somewhere with the goal of hooking up, chances are she’s going to find some takers. This is especially true if she’s at a club or bar.

Think About Safety

If you’re a woman looking to hook up instead of dating, please consider safety first. Given the nature of one-night stands, fact of the matter is that you’re probably not going to know this guy very well. Getting laid is fun and there’s no reason why a woman shouldn’t be open about needing/wanting sex.

However, one night of fun is not worth an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. If you’ve got the expendable income, a hotel can be a sexy place to meet – as well as making it neutral territory. If you’re going to his place, take your own car and let a friend know where you are.

Set Boundaries

Make sure to communicate and set the boundaries beforehand. Let him know condom use is a must. Don’t want to wake up and have to brew this guy coffee? Tell him it’s not a sleepover; odds are he won’t mind. You’re calling the shots, so make sure to get what you want and have fun. And, just like I advised the guys, the easiest way to hook up is be cool, honest and respectful.

What He Said:

Umm….seriously? You need help with this? No you don’t. You have a vagina. That means you can get laid anywhere, any place, any time.

Say whatever you want. At the end of the day, it’s a man’s world in every way, except when it comes to sex and dating. Women hold all the cards here. If you want to go get laid, just go into a bar and wait. That’s it. Granted you will have to choose from the guys who approach you, so that may not result in you going home with the guy you want, but you can guarantee that you will go home with someone.

Ask A Man Out

If you really want to up the odds and ensure you go home with the person you want, go up and hit on the guys yourself. Guys love that and it rarely happens. Go up to the hottest guy in the bar and tell him you want him to take you home. Now. Be very up front that this just sex and he won’t be dating you or meeting your friends or family. You’re not bringing him home for inspection. You’re bringing him home to have sex.

Have Him Spring For The Room

There’s really not much else to it. If you just want to have sex, it’s best not to give him your number until after you’ve done it (that way if it’s bad he can’t contact you) and it’s probably best to have him spring for a hotel room somewhere. Basically, you need to be as secretive as the CIA when just randomly hooking up with dudes, because a lot of things can go wrong or turn south in these situations and you just want to limit the risk as much as possible.

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