How To Be An Alpha Male


Dating tips are essential for scoring women – and you have to be in control if you want to do that. Step up and be an alpha male with these helpful dating tips!

An alpha male is something that a lot of guys strive to be, but ultimately fail at. Being this kind of guy can lead to a lot of dates and respect from co-workers. It’s important to remember that being an alpha male can easily bleed from your dating life into your work life. Standing up for yourself and not avoiding conflict can liberate you from the pack while helping you gain confidence.

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The metamorphoses into an alpha male cannot happen overnight. You have to condition yourself for it. Once you have mastered this persona, you should see a lot more dates and have a better perception of yourself throughout your career. Here are some ways that you can develop your inner alpha male.

Thinking Is Being

An alpha male is more confident than the rest of the guys around him. While you don’t have to be a complete dick, offering an opinion that goes against the grain and not being afraid to be yourself is a trait that you should be striving for. Have a good attitude and think highly of yourself.

These kinds of guys have minimal insecurities when it comes to women. They don’t let women push them around and they don’t play games. Think of yourself in this light and you will start to see yourself as the kind of guy that you want to be.

Keep Your Fitness In Check

Alpha males are physically fit. You don’t have to be a gym rat, but you should start thinking about getting into shape if you want to adopt this persona. Running 2-3 times per week is enough to help shed some of your winter weight. Think about investing in some small weights to keep around your house. Having decent biceps and a good chest can change your confidence level immensely.

Join a gym if you have to, but make sure that you are getting into shape. It’s going to be hard to implement your new alpha persona if you are self-conscious about your body.

Don’t Try Too Hard To Qualify Yourself!

In most dating situations, the guy will try to qualify himself to the girl. This is seen through bragging about his education, job or income status. You never want to qualify yourself to the girl. You want to be the guy that has women qualifying themselves to you. Have you ever been in a bar and seen a guy trying way too hard to get a girl’s attention?

Maybe they’re being too loud and telling stories about the big deal they just closed. These guys are paper-thin and women see right through it. You don’t want to be that guy. Being an alpha male is about conveying confidence without looking like you’re trying.

Ban Jealousy From Your Life

Alpha males do not get jealous. One of the most common characteristics of men is that they get jealous when their girlfriends or potential dates are hanging all over another guy. Because this is a common characteristic of men, women know how to use it to their advantage. If they are not getting the attention they want or they are simply trying to make you jealous, it is in your best interest to not respond. Your goal is to go against the grain.

When a girl is trying to make you jealous and you show that it doesn’t bother you, she will take notice. She will start thinking, “Why isn’t he getting upset?” Even if it does make you angry, don’t let it show.

Ban Neediness From Your Life

There is nothing more pathetic than a guy that is needy or clingy. If you have ever been accused of being needy or clingy, it’s time to make a change that will stick. Calling or texting all the time, having to see her every day or inviting yourself along to different events displays clinginess and neediness. If you feel the need to call all the time, set up a schedule. Make sure that you’re not calling her every day. Call her every 2-3 days so that she knows that you’re interested, but that you’re not needy.

Women can’t stand a needy guy and alpha males do not need to have women around them. Jealousy shows insecurity. You should have enough confidence in yourself to know that she is not going to be interested in other guys after she meets you. Resist the temptation of calling and texting, especially the day after a date, and you should start to see more positive results. When you do call or text, she will be a lot more open to seeing you again.

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