Dating Tips: How to Be Memorable Without Being Creepy


When playing the dating game, it’s hard to do everything just right so you score a phone number or a date the next night. Too often, many men find themselves ending up being the guy that creeped her out instead of being the guy she remembers, who made her laugh and smile.

Here’s how to avoid being the “creepy guy” and instead, how to be the memorable guy she gives her number to or calls you the next day if you gave her your number.

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Dating Tip #1 – She’ll Remember How You Made Her Feel

When you meet a girl, she usually won’t remember what you looked like or what you said. She won’t remember what the two of you talked about and she won’t remember what songs were playing or even what drinks you ordered her. What she will remember, however, is how you made her feel when you were flirting with her. Did you make her feel good about herself? Did you make her feel like she was the only girl in the room and that you had eyes only for her? Of course, if you overwhelm her with unwanted attention, she’ll remember that too, but then you’ll be the creepy guy. Make her feel fabulous about herself and she’ll definitely remember you.

Dating Tip #2 – Truly Listen To What She’s Saying

All women want to be heard and want someone to listen to what they have to say. To get her to remember you, you have to be that person. When talking with a woman and listening to her, don’t just nod your head and say, “uh huh…uh huh.” She’ll catch on to that real quick and probably kick you to the curb. Instead, actively listen to her by being engaged in the conversation and not allowing any moments of awkward silence. Avoid talking about sports (since very few women enjoy talking about sports at all) and avoid talking about your job or hers. She probably doesn’t care about what happened to you at work today, and she most likely doesn’t want to talk shop when she’s not working. Talk about travel, “what-would-you-do-if” scenarios or favorite foods or hobbies. Make eye contact, but don’t stare.

Dating Tip #3 – Leave On A Good Note

Many men make the fatal dating mistake of waiting until the conversation has run out of steam before making their exit. Even if the conversation was going great at first and you and her were hitting it off really well, if you wait until you hit the conversation dead zone to leave and try to get her number, she’s not going to remember the beginning of the conversation. What she will remember is the awkward silence and then the request for her number – and she probably won’t give it out at that point. By making sure you leave the conversation on a good note, you’ll make her curious for more. Have an out pre-planned, such as getting home to walk the dog, etc. so you can have a good reason to leave before things get awkward.

Dating Tip #4 – Make Her Smile And Laugh

The best flirting move ever is to simply make her smile. Making her smile and laugh is the best thing you can do to make sure she remembers you when she goes home that night. Don’t tell lame jokes – instead, point out the humor that is present in every day life. Tell her something funny that happened to you the other day, or the hilarious thing your roommate did last night. Make sure your funny stories aren’t vulgar or involve painting you – or any other guy really – in a bad light. Seriously, this is not the time for frat boy jokes about how you got so drunk that your friends drew a penis on your face with a Sharpie. Make sure that when you’re flirting with her and telling funny stories to get her to laugh and smile that you’re also allowing her a chance to tell you funny stories that would make you laugh or smile as well.

Dating Tip #5 – Be Yourself

Above all, when you’re dating, it’s so important to be yourself and allow your true self to come through. Some people don’t have chemistry with each other and that’s okay. If you’re not clicking with her, make your exit and move on to someone else, allowing her to do the same. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not to get her attention, get her number or to get her to remember you. If you’re not being yourself and she remembers you the next day or when you call her, it’s not really you she’s remembering is it? It’s a facade. Just be yourself!

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