How To Become Irresistible To Women Right NOW!


Dating tips are needed by even the greatest daters at one point or another. Find out how to literally become irresistible to women by honing in on unconscious attraction.

Provide And Protect

Women bear children, men don’t. So while a man’s selection criteria are motivated by the potential health of his future children, a woman’s selection criteria are completely different. Men don’t need to be physically attractive, because women aren’t looking for “health signs.”

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A woman is looking for her man’s ability to protect her and provide for her, increasing her chances of raising children that will be protected and provided for after they’re born.

Women are responsible for giving birth to healthy babies. Men are responsible for protecting and providing for their babies and family. Thus, unconscious decisions by both sexes are made to meet these needs when deciding on whether or not to go on a first date. When we think of women’s needs in this context it becomes easier to figure out what they unconsciously want.

Prove Your Masculinity

Think about this. If a man is unable to ask a girl out, show his sexual interest, and prove his masculinity, why would she have the slightest interest in him? The sooner that you realize  the needs of women are completely different from their own, the sooner you’ll be successful in dating them.

What many men fail to realize is that their physical attractiveness is not very important to women. “What?” This is often a hard concept for men to grasp, but it’s true. As people we try to relate to situations using our own personal experiences.

Relate To Women And Understand Their Needs

Because men are primarily attracted to a woman’s physical beauty, they make the mistake of assuming that she is also attracted by physical beauty. To further demonstrate this point, let’s what women thought was most ‘physically’ attractive. To find out these results I asked many women during my travels of becoming more successful when trying to meet women.

Here are the results:

  1. Sexy, small butt
  2. Slimness
  3. Flat Stomach

Of course physical beauty can influence a woman’s decision, but it’s not the deciding factor.

Do Not Misinterpret A Woman’s Desire For Physicality

Men often sit with groups of women and watch them point out great looking guys, giggle, and express desire for these men. Sadly, men misinterpret this as first-hand evidence that women value a man’s appearance above all else.

While witnessing these situations, most guys miss out on a vital piece of information – a man’s physical beauty will get him only so far. When a man introduces himself to a woman, but doesn’t possess the most important qualities a woman is looking for, any interest she may have in his physical beauty becomes irrelevant.

Now do you see why focusing only on your physical “look” is not very productive?

And of course, you may be asking yourself, “But don’t women say they like funny, entertaining and helpful guys?” The main reason most men are confused about what women want is because most women don’t know what they want.

Understand The Two Levels Of The Human Mind

To explain this further, let’s talk about the two levels of the human mind: unconscious and conscious. On a conscious level, women love funny, caring and sweet guys. But on an unconscious and purely instinctive level, they desire men that confidently pursue them without the fear of rejection.

The reason a woman may find it difficult to leave an arrogant and selfish boyfriend is because she’s magnetically attracted to him. This guy may not be “nice” but he’ll greatly benefit her children by passing on his confidence, leadership, and decision-making skills. And her unconscious brain reminds her of that.

Everything comes back to reproduction. If you possess the right masculine qualities (you’ll learn about them very shortly), you can still have the sweet, caring, and romantic, more feminine qualities. In fact, having the perfect blend of the two – masculine and feminine – will help you to keep any woman you want.

Displaying confidence is essential in making a good first impression on a woman, in the same way that physical attractiveness stirs a man’s interest. Confident men take action, control situations and show no fear. Once we finish talking about these fundamentals, you’ll learn how to communicate and flirt with women in a way that naturally attracts them by projecting these qualities.

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