How To Get Her Phone Number


Dating tips are essential if you want to score with the ladies. Here are some excellent suggestions to snag any girl’s phone number you want!

There is a misconception that you must talk to a woman for a long period of time before you’re allowed to get her number. There is nothing wrong with asking women for their phone numbers after only a very short conversation. After conversing for five minutes you could pull out your phone and say, “What’s your number?”

Be Confident

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Don’t say submissive things like: “You’ve probably got a boyfriend, right? No? Well, then can I maybe please have your number?”

You may be thinking, “If she really likes me she’ll give me her number, won’t she?” Well, no. As you may remember, women are always checking to make sure you’re the confident, masculine man you project yourself to be. It’s part of the “the test.”

FACT: Masculine men know what they want and know how to get it

Masculine men don’t beg or plead for what they want. They command respect and expect everyone to comply with their requests. The simple mistake of asking humbly for her number gives her hundreds of opportunities to avoid your request and to figure out that you’re not the man she thought you were.

Instead, when you expect her number, you communicate that you’re a man who knows what he wants, and knows how to get it.

What If She Doesn’t Give It To You?

When you start putting your new knowledge into practice you’ll make mistakes – everyone does. Resistance during the initial meeting is normal. When you start to use this information, by understanding the excuses women might give, you can be prepared with your own responses and possibly save many hours.

There are only two reasons why a woman would avoid giving out her number:

  1. She’s in a relationship.
  2. She isn’t attracted to you.

Understanding the reasons, let’s look at the four major excuses women use.

Excuse #1 – “Why You Don’t Give Me YOUR Number?”

Don’t buy into this common trap. Women almost never call men first because, as discussed before, men are supposed to be the leaders. They should control every step of the dating process. Continue to ask her for her number. If she doesn’t want to give it to you, don’t give her your number, because you’ll just be wasting your time.

A woman says, “Why don’t you give me your number?” To the misguided man this means, “She’s interested and will call me” But it actually means, “I don’t feel a connection to you and want to get out of this situation as quickly and as easily as possible.”

Excuse #2 – “I’m Really Busy With Work/School/Commitments At The Moment”

This can be her subconscious mind really trying to stay away from men she doesn’t know well or feel comfortable with. The best way to deal with this is setting up a date on the spot. Say something along the lines of: “That’s OK – I understand, I’m really busy myself, but everyone’s got 20 minutes for coffee, no matter how busy they are, haven’t they?”

Excuse #3 – “I Have A Boyfriend”

This excuse can mean two things. She actually has a boyfriend and is happy with her relationship, or she doesn’t have a boyfriend but wants you to leave her alone. This is usually a lose–lose situation, because if you persist in asking her out, it reinforces her choice by telling herself you have no respect for a woman already in a relationship. Take the excuse “I have a boyfriend” as a sign to thank her, have a laugh and move on, no hard feelings.

Excuse #4 – “Why Don’t We Swap?”

Why would a woman want your number in return? Most likely so she can see who’s calling and avoid answering the phone if she doesn’t find the caller interesting. Let’s say you successfully get the woman’s number, now it’s OK to give her your number in return, right?

Wrong! You don’t want a woman identifying your number. Although this may seem strange, the fact is a woman doesn’t need your number. If you call her three times while she was working she’ll see: “three missed calls from John.”

Letting her know that you’ve called three times doesn’t look too good if you want to appear as an independent, strong and masculine male. Instead it makes you seem clingy and desperate. Women would rather wait for you to call again. So remember not to offer her your number at all. If she asks for it, just say she doesn’t need it, or say, “Na, just give me yours.” It’s that simple. If you don’t want to give her your number – and I recommend you don’t – just let her know.

Women don’t really want to lie. But after years of experience with boys they aren’t attracted to, they’ve engineered an under-the-radar method to avoid socially awkward situations they’d rather not deal with.

While some of these dating tips seem tricky and complicated, just understand that what women say isn’t always what they mean. Identifying the common responses and resistances lets you know whether you should invest your time further, or whether she isn’t interested at all, but is just being nice to avoid an awkward confrontation.

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