How To Have A Great Date Night With Your Partner


Dating tips just aren’t for singles – they can help couples improve their relationship and make their sex life hot again. Try these killer date ideas.

Date night – we all know they’re important for anyone in a long term relationship. Date nights are crucial to the overall health and success of your relationship. But how do you have a really, really great one? What dating tips do you need to take your date nights from good to great?

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Having a great date night takes effort. If you are in a long term relationship, you never want to get too predictable or too comfortable. To avoid boredom on your date you need to do something expected at an unexpected time. For example. if you always go out on Saturday, why not switch it up and go out on a date on a Tuesday. Or maybe you can surprise them at work and bring them lunch. Little changes will surprise and delight your other half. most importantly, you should do something you know your man would love to do but it ight not be your first choice.

Get tickets to his favorite sports team. Or instead of going to a restaurant you always go to, find a hole in the wall pub. If he always pays, why not pick up the check and take him out on a date! Tell him the time and pick him up. Drive him to the place and pay for everything. Its a super sweet gesture that will make your man feel loved! But if you do take him out, make sure he knows that he is required to put out at the end of the date.

What He Said:

The most important way to have a great date night is to have a date night in the first place. Pick a night of the week, or month or whatever and make that date night in your day planner. Set that date night in stone. Let nothing get in the way of it. Not friends, not family, not kids, nothing! You must ruthlessly protect date night from all threats, foreign and domestic. Yes, it may seem extreme, but it’s for a reason.

There are many legitimate reasons you may think you should cancel or reschedule your date night. But if you wait to the right time for date night, it’s never going to happen. Life happens so fast and before you know it, skipping one date night turns into skipping several and then you wonder why your relationship is in trouble.

Don’t let it get there. Have date night, no matter what.

After you’ve established your date night routine, it’s important to break it. The biggest threat to date night aside from not having it at all is allowing it to get stale and predictable. It could be something big like a weekend trip somewhere or something simple, like driving to the fancy pat of town and having coffee.

Another great way to spice up date night is to go back to the beginning. If you’re in the phase of your relationship where you’re having “date night” it’s safe to say you’re past the honeymoon phase. That’s natural, but that doesn’t have to mean the relationship gets stale and boring. Think back to your favorite memories from the early days of your relationship.

Recreate them whenever possible, and if you really want to add fireworks, try combining them (think sex in the backseat of a car in public while on vacation, for example). It’s worth the effort and even better, you’ll find yourself creating new, exciting memories and adding spark and sizzle to your relationship.

Date night is like the booster rocket attached to your relationship. It will help your relationship break the atmosphere and take things to the next level. You don’t just have one booster rocket attached to your space shuttle of love. You have several. They each burn for a while, then they run out of fuel and fall off.

This will keep happening until you are out of rockets. Then you go to the space station of love, get some more rockets, refuel, take some vitamin e and ginseng and then you go back out into space, ready to explore and go deeper and deeper inside of the galaxy.

That’s how it is. You can never stop having date nights, and if you’re going to have them, you might as well do it right. It’s much easier to keep your relationship going that it is to go out, filter out all the losers, perverts, sex offenders and douchebags while looking for a new relationship. Keep the one you’ve got. It’s worth it.

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