Dating Tips – How To Have Multiple Girlfriends And Be Honest About It


Having multiple girlfriends is something single guys (and even men in relationships) dream about. Unfortunately for them, dating more than one girlfriend isn’t something that is achieved easily. Most guys try to lie about it, but they always get found out – leaving them alone with no one to date at all. It is possible, however, to have more than one girlfriend at a time without lying or cheating – here’s how!


Be Truthful With Each Girl

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If you want to have multiple girlfriends, you’re going to have to be completely, 100% truthful with each girl that you’re seeing. Let each one know that you’re dating other people and you’re not going to be exclusive. That way, if she’s looking for an exclusive relationship, she can look for one elsewhere before you both have too much time and emotion invested into a relationship that really isn’t going to be a relationship at all. Yes, this is difficult to do because some women will look at you like you’ve grown feet on your head and others will walk right out on you. However, the right girls won’t mind that you’re looking for a casual relationship and are seeing other people. They’ll be interested in casual dating too and will truly appreciate that you were completely forthcoming about your other girlfriends from the get go.

Let Her Know That You Like Her

In addition to being open with each girlfriend that you have, another trick to seeing  more than one woman is to let each girl know that you really do like her or love her. It’s ok to like or love more than one girl at a time, so don’t be afraid to tell a woman that you love her if you also have romantic feelings for someone else that you’re dating. Women by nature want to feel loved and cherished, and if you make each girlfriend feel like they are important to you and mean something to you, they’ll be more apt to stick around, even if you are romancing more than one woman.

Be Discreet About Your Dating Habits

When you have multiple girlfriends, it’s important that you keep your dating habits to yourself. Yes, you’ve been genuine with each woman that you date that you’re not in an exclusive relationship with them, but that doesn’t mean that any of the girls you’re dating want to see evidence of your relationships with other women. Don’t have pictures of you and your multiple girlfriends in your home (that is, if you bring any of your dates to your house) and don’t post pictures on social websites such as Facebook or MySpace. This will only lead to trouble and more trouble! Even if you do have multiple girlfriends, if you make each woman feel as though she is your only girl (even though they know it’s not true), you will have much more success than if you make them feel as though they’re not the only one. This truly is the key to seeing more than one woman at a time – if you can make each one feel special, loved and important, you’re in the clear.

What To Do If You Want To Become Exclusive

If you decide that you want to have an exclusive relationship with one of the women you’re dating, it’s important that you let each one of your multiple girlfriends know immediately. Don’t wait, and don’t continue dating them if you truly just want to be in a relationship with only one of them. It may be difficult to let your girlfriends know that you don’t want to see them anymore, but it will allow them to move on with their own lives and search out relationships of their own. It will also help you to be frank with the girl that you’ve chosen to be with, so you can let her know that you’ve decided you want to be with her and only her. A break up is a difficult thing and you’ll have more than one on your hands, but that’s one of the caveats of having multiple girlfriends. You may also want to give yourself some time apart from your chosen significant other – if you had any emotional attachments to the other women you were with, you’re going to have some post-break up blues for a little while. You don’t want to let your significant other see the emotions you have about breaking up with the other women because she may doubt that you made the right choice and that you want to be with her and only her.

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