How To Know If A Girl Likes You


When dating around and looking for the right person, it’s easy to make lots of friends and get to know lots of different people – but how do you know if a girl really likes you in a romantic way? Reading into signals and body language isn’t always easy, so here are three great ways to tell if someone you’re thinking about dating really likes you, or would rather be washing her hair on Friday night than go out on a date with you.


Frequency Of Contact

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When you’re dating and trying to figure out if a girl likes you or not, one of the first things you want to look at is who is contacting who and how often. Step back and take a look at your phone and find out if you’re calling or texting her more or if she’s always calling or texting you. If you’re always making the effort to contact her and she rarely (if ever) picks up the phone and makes the effort to contact you, the affection may be a little one sided. She may not be as interested in you as you are in her. However, if she’s calling or texting you back about the same amount that you are with her, then it’s a pretty safe bet that she likes you too and there’s a definite chance for a relationship there. Keep in mind though, if she’s always the one to call you or she’s doing it way too much, she may be a little obsessed with you and that’s not a way you want to start a healthy relationship. If she’s blowing up your phone, she most certainly likes you – but perhaps a little too much.

Does She Take Your Calls?

Another way to find out if a woman you’re considering dating shares romantic feelings for you too is to look at how she responds to your calls. Does she answer the phone within the first few rings when you call no matter what she’s doing? Or does she let it roll to voicemail and get back to you later when it is more convenient for her and she’s not around other people? A girl that likes you is going to answer the phone almost every time you call (with a few exceptions like something really important that is going on at work, etc.), even if she is with her family or friends. If she really digs you, she’s not going to try to hide the fact that you’re calling while she’s spending time with the people that are really important to her in her life. She’s going to pick up the phone and say hello, even if it’s just to tell you she’s up to her ears in work or family and will get back to you later. On the other hand, if she’s often letting your calls roll to voicemail and calling or texting you back later, you can safely assume that she considers whatever she’s doing at the moment you call more important than talking to you.

Ask Her To Do A Favor For You

The litmus test to really find out if the girl you’d like to be dating shares the same feelings as you is to ask her to do a favor for you. This is a big one! Ask her to do a small favor for you (something that doesn’t cost a lot of money or doesn’t take up too much of her time or causes her to go well out of her way) while you’re at work or busy at a family function. Does she do it with no questions asked? Does she seem to be happy to get to do something for you and show you that you’re important to her? Or does she put it off or refuse to do it at all? Does she make excuses as to why she can’t do it, or even flat out tell you she’s too busy? Her willingness to do something for you is a great indication of her interest level and can tell you whether she’d like to be dating you or whether you’re more in the friend zone to her. This can also help a girl that isn’t sure whether she likes you or not realize that she does – because naturally, her brain will ask her why she just did something for you and subconsciously she will realize that it is because she cares for you. It can also help her to like you even more, as she gains satisfaction from seeing you happy with her that she’s done something to help you!

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