How To Leave A Message & Get A Return Call


You’ve been dating and you’ve got someone’s number. Congratulations! You’re riding the high but you’ve yet to actually call them – what if you get their voicemail? Getting the answering machine make most people lock up, stutter and leave the most awkward messages. What kind of message do you need to leave to get a return call? If you’ve struck out in the past and have left voicemails that don’t get callbacks, here’s how you can leave a message and get a call back – every time!


Speak Slowly And Clearly

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When leaving a voicemail, whether you’re phone dating or calling a number that you’ve scored, it’s important to speak slowly and clearly so you can be understood. When people get stuck with the answering machine instead of the person they want to be dating, they tend to get very nervous clam up. They may not speak at all for several minutes, or they may talk so fast that they’ll never be understood. Speak normally, but slowly and clearly enough that the person listening can understand each word that you’re saying. Just don’t talk too slowly, or the person that’s listening may actually think you’re “slow!”

Leave Your Phone Number

You would be surprised at how many people get nervous and forget to leave who they are or their phone number in the message. If you have to, write it down. Sure, you know your own name and phone number but it’s easy to get so nervous that you forget to say it. Also, remember to say where you met them at the beginning of the call and repeat your phone number again at the end of the call. It may unnerve you to think that they may have forgotten who you are or where they met you from, but we all get busy and things slip from time to time. If they don’t remember where they met you, you’re probably not getting a call back. If you leave a long message, the person listening to it may not have the time to rewind it and listen to the phone number again. Saying your number again at the end of the voicemail gives whoever you want to be dating the opportunity to write it down after they’ve had a chance to listen to who you are and where they know you from.

Practice What You’re Going To Say First

It’s easy to get really nervous during different steps in the dating process, especially if you’ve never talked to the object of your affection before. If you’re super nervous, practice what you’re going to say before you actually make the call. You want to sound confident and casual, not scared and stuttering! Even if you’re a pretty chill person, the pressure is totally on after the beep. Your confidence will suddenly drop and you may not remember what you were going to say! Making a few notes about what you’re going to say before you make the call and having them in front of you when you dial will make it easier for you to leave a great message.

Let Them Know You Like Them

How many times have you left a message letting someone know who you are, where you met them and what your phone number is – but have forgotten to let whoever you’re calling know that you really like them and enjoyed meeting them? Lots of people forget how important telling someone you’re into them is, which often leads to getting stuck in the friend zone instead of actually dating them. Don’t be afraid to let someone know that you like them and you’d like to meet them again or schedule a first date with them. Just be honest about how you feel!

Don’t Be Afraid To Call Back

After leaving a voicemail, give it a few days and if you don’t hear from them, call again. There’s no “phone dating rule” that says you can’t call more than once. Lots of things can happen to sabotage your message actually getting through (in its entirety) to the person you’re looking to start dating. They might not have gotten the message if their voicemail was full, or your phone – or theirs – may have cut out before they got to write down your entire number and they’re not sure how to get a hold of you. The message may have accidentally been deleted, or they simply may have listened to it, meant to call you back and just forgot. There’s no shame in calling again to see if the message actually went through. Just don’t end up on the stalker list – calling back more than a few times is a little creepy.

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