How To Make A Girl Like You


There’s no dating formula that you can use to make a woman be interested in you. You certainly can’t force it, but does that mean you just have to go with the flow and let whatever happens happen? Not exactly. While there’s no tried and true way to make a woman want to hang out with you, you can use these great suggestions to help her realize what a fun, awesome and attractive guy you are! After you show her how great spending time with you can be, there’s no way she won’t think you’re awesome!


Don’t Force It

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You can’t force someone to be attracted to you when you want to be dating them. It just doesn’t happen that way! Obligation, of course, is very unattractive. A woman will not be attracted to you if she feels obligated in any way towards you, whether it’s feeling obligated to be dating you, or to spend time with you or have sex with you. There’s a reason that they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” You’ve got to give someone the opportunity to want to spend time with you.

This is actually a huge reason that married couples and couples in long term relationships lose attraction between each other. They feel too much obligation to spend time together or have sex with each other, and they never give their partners the opportunity or chance to want it naturally, without forcing it.

Have Fun

The most important thing to remember when playing the dating game is to have fun. Dating is all about having fun and if you take it too seriously, you’re not going to get very far at all! When hanging out with a woman you really like, make fun your first priority. Make sure you have positive, fun experiences together. Talk to her and get to know her and what she thinks is funny, and tell great jokes that make her laugh. It also doesn’t hurt to be a little protective of her and of course, chivalrous.

Chivalry is not dead, contrary to popular belief! While women don’t necessarily “need” a strong, confident man to protect them, wanting a man like that is hardwired into a woman’s DNA. Even the most independent, self reliant woman will be instantly attracted to a man that looks and acts like a man who can take care of a woman. Even if she doesn’t actually want you to “take care” of anything, showing her that you’re the kind of man that will appeals to something deep inside her that she really never even knew was there!

Give her the emotions she deeply craves, but don’t be too predictable, otherwise she’ll take you for granted. Be a strong, confident man and watch as she gravitates towards you without thinking. This is a great way to get a girlfriend without making it look like you’re desperate or trying too hard.

Give Her Freedom

When dating, it’s important that you not be the “clingy” guy. Show her you’re not jealous, and that you value her freedom. Most women aren’t going to be interested in a guy that is clingy, asks her what she’s doing, when she’s doing it and who she’ll be with. Not valuing her freedom and her right to do what she wishes is the fastest way to end up alone! When you show her that you’re cool with her doing what she wants, you show her that you not only trust her, but that you’re secure enough in yourself that you’re not worried about what is going to happen next. This is an extremely attractive quality in a man!

If you encourage her to go have fun with her other friends, it will create an attractive energy towards you. She’ll be much more interested in you because you’re fun to be around and you’re confident enough that you’re not going to get jealous if she’s hanging out with other people. This will give her the time and opportunity to think about you while she’s away from you and allow her to want you, which is extremely important in any relationship.

If you smother her and put up a fight when she wants to go do things without you, not only are you creating an environment in which she has no room to miss you or want you, you’re also creating a hostile environment that will make her feel trapped and smothered. You’ve heard the saying, “let her go and if she comes back, she’s yours,” right? That definitely applies here!

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