How To Meet More Hot College Girls


Dating tips aren’t just for older men playing the field – college guys want in on the action too!

Everyone wants one (or two, or three if you’re a rock star) of their own, but how do you get them? If a lack of hot college girls is your problem, take a look at some of the best dating tips around for meeting ladies at school Sit down, strap in and make sure you’ve got condoms, because we will have you knee deep in college hotties in no time!

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Building Your Social Circle

So how do you get the hot girl of your dreams? Build your social circle first. Be the guy everyone wants to be with. You know that expression, “the life of the party?” That’s you, or it should be. We’re not saying be a clown or act like a train seal, but be confident and be the person people always want to be around. When everyone wants to be around you, inevitably, you will find yourself surrounded by hot girls.

Be less of an outsider. Once you’ve got that social circle going and they are at least associated with you in some way, you’re no longer some random creepy guy hitting on them. You’re now a friend of a friend, and someone who has a certain reputation and trust level. Once you have the trust level, you’re in.

Go to events, get in with fun positive people and let their good vibes rub off on you. Events are crucial. If you want to fish, you need to go to where the fish are. Going to a lake where tons of fishermen are trying to fish a pond, it’s great odds, no matter how many fish are in the lake. Generally, there won’t be that many fish in the lake, because so many people are fishing in it.

If you go to a lake that is teaming with fish and you’re the only fisherman (or one of the only fishermen) there, how good do you think your odds of catching a fish is? A lot better than it was. This is actually one of the most essential dating tips you’ll ever learn. Find out what kind of fish you’re looking for and find out what pond they are in and then go there. Yoga class, theatre, choir, you name it.

And when people have great vibes, people are drawn to them. You need those people in your life and they need to be your friends. They can only make your life better. In every way.

Don’t Hit On Everyone

Keep it casual, don’t hit on every hot girl. This isn’t brain surgery. You’re not trying to balance the budget or eradicate the national debt. You’re trying to hook up with hot girls. Don’t be too serious and relax. And be selective. If you hit on anything that moves, guess how that makes you look? Wanna guess? It’s not good, that’s a hint. Actually, it’s the answer, but whatever.

Use facebook, that’s why it’s there. Facebook was literally invented to hook up with hot college chicks. Social media is your friend. Use it. Hitting a girl up on Facebook can sometimes be less threatening that going up and asking for her number. Almost everyone accepts friend requests, so once she does, you’re in.

Go to class. If there is a hot girl in your class, sit next to her. Ask her for a pen, ask if she has a study guide for the exam. Better yet, ask her to study with you. Do something to start the conversation. Anything. Well, maybe not anything. No cheesy pickup lines. Allowed. Ever. No exceptions. Seriously. We mean it.

Ask her out to a lunch date on or off campus, that can be a fun, low pressure way to get the ball rolling. You should also go to fun crazy parties. Girls there have had a few drinks, they’re more relaxed, and more approachable

Bring Something To The Table

It’s also really important to have something to offer. Hot girls can have anyone they want. So why would they want you? To get the girl, you have to know who you are and what you bring to the table. You have something going for you that no one else on the planet does. Figure out what that is and develop it.

Join clubs, have hobbies. Hot girls like to see a man with balance. Why? Because if he’s got a lot going on and he’s got his act together, he’s much less likely to be needy and all over her (and not in a fun way)

Basically, it’s all about disarming the girl. Hot girls are always on def-con five. They have security walls up to protect themselves from losers, rapists, creeps and Tommy Lee. If you want to get in her pants or heart or mind, you’ll need to get her to lower the shields first.

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