How To Meet Your Dream Girl


Dating tips can help you to find the woman you’ve been looking for all this time. Here’s what you need to know if you want to find Mrs. Right!

Dream girl. Those are the words on every guys lips (or other parts). There are as many different definitions of what a dream girl is as there are stars in the sky. We all want one, even though we all define it differently. You’ll need a few dating tips to make the search easier, more fun and more importantly to prevent burnout and frustration.

Becoming A Guy Who Gets The Girl

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What’s the ultimate dating tip weapon for guys out there? It’s simple, not easy. If you want to get the dream girl, you have to become a dream guy. You need to be the guy girls want to be with. Think about it. If you want a girl who is a “ten” that’s fine. But why should she choose you? She can have anyone or anything she wants. Men and women are literally throwing themselves at this woman on a daily basis (sometimes more than once a day). If you want a woman who can stop traffic with her looks, you’d better be the guy who can stop traffic.

Be confident and funny. You may have heard this before, but we will say it again: life is short (if you do it right), so have fun. Enjoy your own life or she won’t. Yes, it’s true: sports cars don’t hurt, but you don’t need them. A girl who’s with you because of your money or car is someone you don’t want. That means you want a girl who will love you for you, because if a golddigger finds someone with more money or a better car, she’ll be off like a prom dress. So make your dream girl an offer she can’t refuse. Make your world amazing and fun and exciting. She won’t want to be with anyone else, even if they do have more money or a better car.

Have A Fun, Radiant Personality

How do you create that? Well, it’s funny you should ask. You should have a have radiant personality. So many get caught up or hung up on what to say or do. They can’t think of anything so they freeze or miss opportunities. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter. Nobody cares what you say or do. People remember how you make them feel. It may be hard to believe, but it’s really true. It doesn’t matter what you say or do.

Make sure to have fun. Everywhere. Women are different creatures than men. Girls are addicted to guys who make them feel good. So above all, make sure to have fun at all times, whenever possible. Because when you do, you’ll find yourself meeting women everywhere, and it will be effortless. Why? Because beautiful women are everywhere and all the world is your oyster. You don’t have to go to bars or any other specific place to meet women, though we’re not saying you can’t go there. When you’re having fun everywhere, you’ll be attracting women anywhere.

Have A Sense Of Humor

Don’t take anything too seriously. You know what? Meeting your dream girl isn’t driving the space shuttle. And if you are piloting the shuttle? That’s odd. Shouldn’t you be paying attention to what you’re doing? How are you accessing the internet in the space shuttle? Those computers are like thirty years old! Why are you even piloting it? It’s been decommissioned!

Anyway, the point is this isn’t that dating is big a deal. Yes, dating tips are important to finding and keeping your dream girl, but lighten up. It’s not that serious. Make a game of it or if you don’t it’s going to feel like work. Then you’ll be forcing it and it will get even worse. Get rid of anyone or anything that doesn’t serve you. Take the pressure off yourself. Eliminate excuses and take action.

That alone will set you apart. Think about it. How many people who are overweight and say they’re going to lose weight actually do it? There you go. IF you can lose the weight metaphorically speaking, you will set yourself apart. Just do something. Get in the game grasshopper!

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