Simple Dating Tips With Excellent Results (For Women)


Dating tips are a dime a dozen. Everybody and their mother seem to think that they have the answer to finding the right guy for you. When you’re out with somebody that you don’t have a strong connection with, you probably let a few things slide in your dating etiquette. But what about when you meet somebody that you actually like?

Meeting somebody that you actually like and think you could have a connection with can put you on Cloud 9. When you meet somebody that you think you could have a future with all you can think about is not screwing it up. Here are some simple dating tips with excellent results to help you keep the guy you like.

The Right Attire

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Men like women who have classic looks. This means leaving the animal prints and other out there fashions at home during the date. It doesn’t matter if you work on Wall St. or at McDonalds, there are fashions that are affordable for any income that will allow you to have a classic look. Black dresses and other classic fashions can be found at various outlet stores. Dress up for your date but make sure that you’re dressed appropriately. You won’t want to wear a black dress to an outdoor event.

Realize When He’s A Loser

If a guy picks you up and has no plans then he’s a loser. If a guy picks you up and he’s not dressed appropriately, he’s a loser. If a guy doesn’t ask you questions or only talks about himself, he’s obnoxious and a loser. Don’t date a guy that you have no connection with just because you think that he’s interested in you. You know that it’s not going to work out and it’s best to move on. Realizing that he’s a loser from the get-go is the best way to avoid getting hurt or annoyed during the date.

Ordering Etiquette

One of the best dating tips out there is to monitor what you’re ordering at a restaurant. When a date is going well you should be on your toes about the guy paying for your meal. Only order food, drinks or dessert when the guy orders these. This is a courtesy that a lot of women do not take part in. If you really want dessert, then offer to pay for it. He probably will not let you, but he will love the fact that you tried to pay for yourself. The last thing a guy wants to do is drain his bank account every time he takes you out. If you are still hungry after the date, raid the fridge when you get home.

Don’t Bring Up The Exes

Never, ever, ever bring up exes when you are out for the first couple of dates. This is one of the best dating tips or a reason. Bringing up the fact that your ex cheated on you or left you for your best friend is not something that a guy wants to hear. Baggage is extremely unattractive to men and when you talk about your exes it can come off that you’re not over the relationship yet. If you do bring up your exes, don’t expect another phone call from your date.

Be Easy

No, not that kind of easy. Be easy in the sense that if plans change or the restaurant has a long wait you are not a complete prima donna about it. Men don’t want a woman that they have to be on eggshells with. Comfort on a first date is pretty foreign and there can be shake-ups along the way. However, when you let things roll off your shoulders you can show him that you’re cool and collected. Making a big deal about something that you ordered can have him thinking that you’re high maintenance.

Dating tips can be extremely useful when you meet the right guy. Being easygoing during the date and having the right etiquette throughout is essential to getting a second date. Never go out with a guy that you know isn’t right for you from the beginning and do not talk about your ex-boyfriends during the first couple of dates.

Dressing appropriately for the date is essential and you should know exactly what you are going to do and where you are going beforehand. Taking these dating tips to heart should yield you some pretty great results. If you break them you could find yourself at the bottom of a bin of Vanilla on a Friday night instead of having a fun conversation with a guy who will treat you right.

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