11 Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Guy


Dating can be complicated, but there are definitely some clear signs that the guy you’re dating should be kicked to the curb. Here are eleven of them.

So you’re dating this guy and things seems great but not that great. If its the beginning of the relationship, maybe you are holding out to see how things pan out, see if they get better. Or maybe you’ve been dating the same guy for a few years and things are not as great as they used to be. How do you know if this relationship is in fact a good thing or if you two are just wasting your time?

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1. You Don’t Look Forward To Being With Him

Whether this is a long term relationship or you’re dating a new guy, if you aren’t excited to hang out with this guy then you are defiantly with the wrong person. In the beginning of relationships everything should be exciting and you should be psyched to see him. If this is a long term relationship you should be looking forward to spending time with your man and still get a little giddy thinking about him. If these feelings are not there and you find yourself wishing you were hanging out with your friends, yourself of another guy then that is a huge sign that you are dating the wrong person. If this is a new relationship and you dread another date, or hanging with him then you are dating the wrong guy.

2. When You Are With Him You Still Feel Lonely

This usually can happen in long term relationships. After a while you guys get into a groove where you are hanging out (or living together) and can be sitting right next to the guy and feel like you two are miles away. Its a weird phenomenon but it happens when so much is left unsaid and so many touches are left un-felt If you start to feel constantly (like every time you are together) emotionally far from your guy, its a pretty good sign he is not the one.

3. You Cheat On Him

Red flag, sirens, alarms, cow bells, punch in the face!! Any sex outside of your relationship sex is a sure sign that you are with the wrong person! I’m not going to get into the moral ramifications of cheating, nor the right and wrong of it. I’m just saying there is nothing wrong with being attracted to other guys, I’m just saying that if you find yourself not only attracted to but then acting on that attraction with another guy then you are definitely not getting what you want from your man and he is not the right one for you.

4. Your Friends And Family Say You Should End It

These are the closest people in your life, they know you the best. If they think you could do better or are dating the wrong guy, listen to them. Always go with what you feel is right but don’t ignore the people that love you if they think you are wasting your time. In relationships we can wear rose colored glasses and sometimes it takes an outsider to see something we didn’t see. So listen to the people that care about you.

5. You Are More Friends Than Lovers

Sex is the glue that separates men and women from being friends or lovers. So if you are in a relationship and the passion has died then you are with the wrong person. Yes passion and sex can ebb and flow but if there is a huge lack of sex or libido and you are not happy about that then you are with the wrong person.

6. What You Once Loved Is Now Annoying

Maybe it’s the way he drinks a beer or the way he eats corn on the cob, there was a time when his little quirks and mannerism used to be so adorable to you and now they annoy the hell out of you. You once loved how he would snore in his sleep or maybe leave his coffee on the table half drank but now you are so angered by this and annoyed. It’s impossible to love everything that they do but if you are finding your self fed up with his mannerisms then you need to end it.

What He Said About Dating The Wrong Guy:

7. You Don’t Appreciate Him & He Doesn’t Appreciate You

Taking someone for granted isn’t a good sign, but if you’re looking for signs that you should break up with your boyfriend, this has to be at the top of the list. Look, relationships have seasons, or cycles. You may want to rip his clothes off for a while, then not be sexual for while. Things go up and down, but if there’s more down than up, that’s a sign that either one or both of you don’t appreciate each other.

8. You’re Still In A Relationship But Have Stopped Dating

One of the big pitfalls for any long term relationship is getting too comfortable or getting stuck in the status quo. When you first start dating, everything is amazing and electric. Part of that is the new-ness of the relationship, and while the spark may fade a bit, it shouldn’t burn out. No matter how long you are together, you never ever stop dating. If you do, that’s when problems start. If you’re in a relationship with a guy, but not dating him, you may have a breakup sign and it’s one of the big ones.

9. You Don’t Want To Have Sex

Let’s face it. One of the main benefits to being in a relationship is the constant access to booty. Yes, companionship is great, but that’s what pets are for. You don’t just want companionship, you want some ass too. What’s the point without the intercourse? Not so much. If you could be getting laid and you don’t want to do the guy you’re with, that’s a red flag meaning it’s time to think about ending it.

10. The Things You Used To Like Piss You Off 

Everyone’s got their little idiosyncrasies  That’s just how we are. You know you’re into someone when you see a person’s little ticks and not only do they not bother you, you think they’re cute. When you find yourself suddenly pissed off or annoyed by them, then you’ve got yourself a sign it’s time to breakup. Everyone goes through phases, but if you find yourself consistently annoyed by these things and you just can’t stand them anymore, that’s a sign. Not a good one either.

11. You Try Sabotaging The Relationship

Ever find yourself picking fights with your partner for no reason? Ever ask “Why did I yell at him for that?” That means some part of you want to breakup with them and your subconscious is trying to get your attention. It’s saying “Hey! Get us out of here! You know you want to!” You may or may not be ready or willing to listen to your inner voice, but you should.

The main thing to remember about all these “signs” is that you need to listen to your gut and your heart. You know if you are not happy, you know if you are settling, you know if he is not the one for you. No list is going to give you the answer you already know. Now it’s up to you to do something about it.

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