The 10 First Date Commandments


The first date is crucial – it can determine whether you will be seeing this person again or not. Here’s the ten essentials you CANNOT ignore!

What She Said:

First Date Commandments 1-7

1. Thou shalt not keep your phone on the table.

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You need to give your full attention to your date.  Do not text, call or check your email.  If you must text a friend, do it in the ladies room.

2. Thou shalt ask him questions about his family

You are an extraordinary creature and so is he. Do not spend the whole date talking about yourself, makes sure you ask him questions and get to know him on a more personal level.

3. Thou shalt offer to pay half

Chivalry is not dead and its super sweet when a guy will pay for the tab but common sense isn’t dead either and you should never expect a man to pay.  Even if he did ask you out, a woman should offer to pay or buy a round of drinks or leave the tip.

4. Thou shalt not talk about your ex boyfriend

Or any past relationships for that matter.  A first date is a time to start new and fresh.  The guy does not want to hear how your past relationships went sour or hear you bad mouth your ex.  Past relationships is more 3 or 4th date material.

5. Thou shalt not get drunk

A drink or two might be just what you need to calm your nerves but getting smashed on a first date is never a good thing.  By all means, have fun but do not get to the point of slurring your speech or misplacing your items, keep it classy. Besides, few first dates that end in puking have a second date.

6. Thou shalt brag about oneself

There is a huge difference between being cocky and being proud of you.  A first date is a great time to share with him some of your accomplishments, career and socially.  Show him that you have a pride in yourself and what you are doing.  Also share what you hope to achieve in the future.

You don’t need to rattle off your resume, but you should be an alpha male.  A girl who has a passion for something is always a turn on.

7. Thou shalt not treat a date like a therapy session

Maybe your roommate is a slob, or your mom yelled at you or your co-workers are lazy.  A first date is not the time to vent all of this.  You want to keep the conversation lively and positive not negative.  You also don’t want him to think that he needs to somehow make things better or fix you.

What He Said:

First Date Commandments 8-10

There’s only ten first date commandments in the article, and she takes six. Is that the most sexist thing ever, or is the most sexist thing of all time? You decide.

8. Thou shall not read into everything.

Yes, first dates are basically interviews. With alcohol. And sex appeal (hopefully). And while it is only natural to evaluate your potential romantic partner and be aware for red flags, it shouldn’t feel like they’re sitting across the table from an IRS auditor or a CIA operative.

Try not to turn this date into an interrogation.  Don’t let this feel like it’s a bank loan application, you know? You need to know a little about the person, not a lot. You aren’t filing taxes jointly, you’re just trying to figure out if you both want a second date.

9. Thou shall not be yourself.

Look, no one wants to date you. You can’t be yourself and expect to get laid or get a second date. You need to be your best self if you want the guy, the girl, and/or the booty.

Being your best self, doesn’t mean you’re lying to them or pretending to be someone or something you’re not, it means that you are on your best behavior, using confidence and at the absolute top of your game. If you’re not, why bother?

10. Thou shall not over-complicate things. 

Men are not women. They do not have a hidden agenda. They want to find out if they want to bang you, and if you’re cool enough to be around when they’re not, and if it’s going to be too much trouble or if they will have to jump through too many hoops to get in your pants. That’s it.

Women are slightly more complicated, so to speak, but you’re not building the space station here. You’re trying to evaluate the other person and see if you want to move forward.

It’s just a date. If it’s good, or bad, it’s just a date. Do not be afraid of rejection. It should be fun, above all else, and if this one doesn’t go well, there’s always the next one!

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