First Date Tips: How To Make It Perfect


The first date is crucial – you want to make sure you get a second, right? We all know that first impressions can also be lasting impressions. As such, the first real date that you have with someone is extremely important. Even if you’ve already known each other as friends or acquaintances, that first date is when you’ll get to see each other in a non-platonic light.

You want to be able to learn more about the person you’re on the date with, and you want them to learn more about you. This is your first chance to show that individual how thoughtful you can be. One of the best ways to do that is to plan a great first date.

How To Stand Out From The Crowd

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You not only want to make a good first impression on this date; you also want to stand out from the crowd of potential mates out there. That means planning a date that will be unique compared to most people’s typical first date. Eschew dinner and a movie or dinner and drinks for something more special.

Thinking outside the box will make your date sit up and notice you. Think about doing something that will shine a light on one of your better traits or talents. If you’re a good cook, invite your date over to your place for a dinner made by you, or make something that you can take on a picnic and enjoy together. Just make sure that you don’t come off as being full of yourself, or that the date seems to be centered around only what you enjoy.

Speaking of your date’s enjoyment, tailoring the night around their interests will show how thoughtful you can be. Is there anything you can remember about their hobbies or tastes from the previous conversations that you’ve had? Do you have a mutual friend who you can pump for some information to help plan the date?

Access whatever resources you can (without being a stalker about it, of course) to plot a date that shows you’re willing to put effort into a relationship with this person. If they like music, surprise them by taking them to a concert. If they’re into art or history, take them to the museum for the afternoon.

Take Advantage Of The Current Season

You can also look for special seasonal events that will create a memorable date. In the autumn you can go apple-picking, or in the spring you can visit a botanical garden. Does your date love animals? Take him or her to the zoo if the weather permits it. There are plenty of indoor special events out there, too. Just go online or check out the arts and entertainment section of your local paper.

Maybe a bar near you is having a special beer or wine tasting night, or there might be a touring musical or play in town over the weekend. There are so many options out there that go beyond dinner at a restaurant and two tickets to whatever rom-com is playing at a theater near you.

Most people are just too lazy to look into other first date ideas though, so that’s become the standard date. If you plan something above and beyond for your first date, there will be plenty of time to see movies and eat out on down the line. That initial impression will be certain to score you many more dates to come.

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