What To Talk About On The First Date


The first date is pretty nerve wracking because often, you’re not sure what to say or how to keep the conversation going. Check out these easy first date tips!

Create A Simple Environment

Your first date with a woman should be in a quiet place where you can communicate one on one. This is the time to prove that you’re a catch. You need to project this by successfully flirting with her.

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DON’T FORGET: Just because the woman has committed to a first date doesn’t mean she’ll become your girlfriend. Some guys “go weird” once women decide to have a first date. Realize that there’s a big different between getting a first date and a second date. You need to leave a darn good impression. The best dates for first dates are:

  •  Coffee shops
  • Bars / Lounges

Your first date is not a job interview. You don’t need to know all the demographics about your date, and she doesn’t need to know all that stuff about you either. Save that stuff for when she really likes you. When she bugs and begs you to answer this type of question, you’ll know she’s interested.

There are many interesting areas of conversation you should focus on; likewise there are also some topics you should never talk about during early dates.

Good Topics To Use

The best way to make a woman feel comfortable and close is to get her to share experiences and information about herself. Ask about her passions, dream-life, and what she wanted to be when she was a little girl. Talk about current TV shows, Hollywood gossip, and anything in the entertainment industry. Don’t forget to throw in some playful teasing behavior during the dates to keep the interaction interesting.

REMEMBER: If you get too caught up in facts you’ll certainly come across as boring. You’re in complete control over what you talk about, so make it interesting. If you do talk about factual stuff, spice it up with things like, “You’re such a dork,” “I’m watching you missy,” or “You know I have eyes in the back of my head. I can see everything.”

Deadly Topics

Politics, propaganda, religion and negative experiences such as deaths, ex-partners or the state of the world are all topics you want to stay away from. People associate the time they’ve had with someone to the feelings they experienced during their time together. If you’ve spoken excessively about topics that have no hope of being humorous, you’re in trouble.

If you find yourself moving into one of these directions just say, “Let’s talk about (insert new topic),” then quickly interject, using one of the topics above to save yourself from a depressing date. Don’t say, “Can we please change the subject,” just go ahead and talk about something more fun. You’re the leader, so make sure you guide the conversation in a positive direction.

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