5 Weird Flirting Methods For EXPLOSIVE Results With All Women


Flirting with girls about their beauty is the most powerful way to lower their initial defenses and attract them. You’ve only got two minutes to impress a woman and make yourself stand out as somebody unique. Understand that these beautiful ladies only want men with high standards.

1. Flirting Lines

  • Nice hair. What made you go with a 60’s style?
  • Ha. That walk is hilarious. Do it again!
  • You like cappuccino’s? (weird look) Na, that’s cool.

Imply she’s short, has no fashion sense, has a funny quirk, etc. Once you find something that gets a great reaction, keep using it and maintain your eye contact.

2. Tease Her About Her

  • Hair
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Walk
  • Mannerisms
  • Dorkiness

3. Where Did You Go?

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Here’s a great example you can us when flirting with just about any woman. After talking for some time you can walk up to her and look over her head as if you’re looking for something. You can then say, “Where did you go?”

Don’t stand too close just close enough to get the point across. You’ll usually get a playful hit for this one because it implies that she’s short.

If you’re the same height or just a little bit shorter, stand on your toes to add some extra height. Being the same height can actually make this technique work better because it’s sarcastic humor. You’re saying she’s short even though she’s clearly level with your height.

4. Woman’s Flirting Interpretation

HE JUST SAID: “I’m short and he is laughing about it.”
SHE INTERPRETS THIS AS: He doesn’t only want me for my looks! He’s different than most guys. I want to get to the bottom of this and see what he’s really like? Is he faking?
RESULT: She’s interested.

5. Reactive Flirting

While this form of flirting is slightly more difficult, it usually more effective because of its “natural conversation” feel. This will require more confidence. So here’s what you do:

Ask the woman something about her day, what have you been up to? Where do you work? Where have you been shopping? What’s in the shopping bag? Where’d you get that necklace? Anything!

The idea of teasing is that you want to DISAGREE on something with the woman. Thus, creating sexual tension.

DISAGREE on her looks
Say her clothes aren’t cool.
DISAGREE on her opinion of something.

Side note: One of the best ways to incorporate flirting is to joke to your buddy that the woman is too drunk, even if she’s not. Or, accuse her of becoming as insecure as a man who goes around trying to get lucky with his “confidence-in-a-can”, and tell her it’s not going to work with you.

In conclusion, there’s a difference between a girl being seriously upset, and just playing around and being “fake upset.” When they playfully hit you and have a half smile on their face, they like it, no matter what they say!

FACT: Women mean what they do, not what they say. Know this when you are out trying to meet singles.

When she starts laughing, acting natural, fun,  genuinely smiling, and giving you the right body language then you know you’ve spoken long enough.

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