Get Yourself Out Of The Friend Zone – STAT!


Dating tips can help you meet girls, but what if you’ve landed yourself in the “just friends” category? Can you dig your way out? Here’s how to do it, ASAP!


Be The Kind Of Guy Who Never Gets In The Friend Zone In The First Place

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The best “dating tips” you could ever get about staying out of the friend zone is to never be the kind of guy who gets put in it in the first place. These guys are wimpy and weak, where guys who don’t get put on the “friends only” list are strong and confident – the alpha male type. The trick is to not be afraid to make women feel beautiful and sexy, and to not be afraid of showing a girl that you like her – like really like her. Don’t pretend that you don’t have a sexual or romantic connection to a girl – instead, just tell her! Be honest and confident about your feelings. Don’t apologize for who you are, and don’t act like her best girlfriend.

Show Interest In Her

If you like a girl, the best way not to get on her “friends only” list is to show that you’re interested in her from the get go. Don’t be too scared to admit that you have a sexual attraction to this girl – and be okay with that. If you think that it’s wrong somehow, or you’re not supposed to like her “that way,” you’re paving your own road to the friend zone! It’s normal and perfectly okay to be sexually attracted to a woman and for her to know that! In fact, it’s perfectly normal and okay that she be sexually attracted to you too – but she won’t be if you’re hiding the fact that you even want to be more than friends.

Make A Move

Don’t just wait and sit on the sidelines like a “best friend” when you could be out there with the girl you want to be with. Take that first step and make that move! Whether it’s to let her know that you exist (that’s a great first step), to start flirting with her or even a bolder move like leaning in for the first kiss, you need to go ahead and do it. Stop thinking about doing it, planning to do it or making excuses as to why now isn’t the right time. Just put yourself out there, take the risk and make a first move!

The Importance Of Building Sexual Tension

When a girl starts to think of you as more than just a buddy is when she begins to feel that undeniable sexual tension between the two of you. To get girls, you have to become a master at creating, shaping and using sexual tension. While some guys don’t find this difficult at all, other more “left brained” guys (you know, scientists, engineers, accountants, etc.) have a more difficult time accessing their more creative side to build sexual tension.

You can get more in touch with the right side of your brain, take up poetry or an art class – anything that engages your right brain. Do something creative that allows you to think differently than you normally do.

How To Build Sexual Tension And Get Her To Think Of You As More Than Just A “Buddy”

  1. Start slowly – you don’t want to rush in too quickly and blindside her. Compliment her, tell her that she looks beautiful or stunning – don’t say “hot,” or “sexy” because this will turn her OFF immediately.
  2. Get in her space. Touch her and when you do, let the touch linger just a little too long. Don’t be creepy about it, but you don’t want to end it until just after it becomes slightly awkward. Flirt with her.
  3. Move at her pace, but take it just a little farther. This allows you to push her limits a little bit, but not way past where her limits usually are. You’re just going slightly outside of her comfort zone.

Show A Side Of Yourself That She Hasn’t Seen Before

If you’re already in the friend zone, these dating tips can be particularly useful if you want to get yourself out of it.

Show the girl you like a side of yourself that she’s never seen before. You’re an interesting guy, with passions and hobbies too, right? Don’t always be talking about her and what she likes or wants to do. Show her your motivation, drive and passion. Let her know that you’re a guy she could be with and have fun with!

Also, you want to make her laugh and feel happy. This is a huge deal, because women remember the way you make them feel more than they remember your name, what you do for a living or even what you look like (although she’ll probably remember all three if you make her feel absolutely amazing).

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