Hairy Chests – Advice From A Woman Who Tells It Like It Is…


A hairy chest.  There are several things to consider here. 

Some men simply cannot grow hair on their chests.  Some men are `somewhat carpeted `when it comes to their layer of fur. And other men are somewhere in between

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This topic recently crossed my mind and I figured, why not write about it.. Especially since I happen to have a range of experience on the subject matter.  So, here`s my take..

It is very rare that you will see a hairy chested man on the cover of a magazine these days.  I would tend to lean towards thinking most women are good with a bare chested man.  I highly doubt a woman would shun a man for having a hairless chest. 

Options For Hairy Men

Thing is, if a man is incredibly hairy, that can definitely be a turn off for some.  Here`s the good news, a hairy chest can be MAINTAINED or in some cases `tamed `might be a better choice of words. 

The option of waxing may seem excruciating to some (completely warranted in my opinion) but it IS one option.  I would suggest, if you are growing an out of control layer of hair, that you first attempt to trim it or depending on how thick it is, possibly shave it down with an electric shaver. 

Don`t get caught up in the ‘ìt will grow back thicker’ train of thought.  This is about maintaining the abundance of hair, so yeah, hopefully you`ll continue the up-keep and reap the benefits too! 

Now, you don`t have to go all out with this and shed your body of all visible hair.  Sometimes it just takes a bit of upkeep to avoid looking like you came from the 70`s era.  Sometimes the odd minor trim job is all that`s required. 

Now, if you are a single guy, and a hairy one, I highly recommend venturing into the `not so hairy`zone.  I can`t say I would like to get to the point of stripping a man down and find an overwhelmingly hairy chest under his shirt. 

However, I am but just one woman. Although, my girlfriends all feel the same way on this topic, so consider this to be a good base of opinion.

Find Out What Your Partner Prefers

If you are coupled up then simply ask your woman what she prefers. I view it in the same light as a woman who has never shaved between her legs or her bikini line. Why not try it. You just might like it, as may your partner, which is a bonus all around!

My personal preference is a man with a `sprinkling’ of chest hair.  Just enough to say that he IS a man, and that I AM under, or on top of one (wink!).  For me, back hair and thick arm hair is a turn off.  Been there, done that and NOT going that route again. 

It`s the same advice I`d give regarding a woman`s bikini line, trim it up, shave it down. Give it a try. Your partner may LOVE it and hey, you can always grow it back if grooming isn`t for you!

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