How To Be A Nice Guy – And Get All The Girls


Dating a “bad boy” may seem fun at first for girls, but the relationship will quickly fizzle. Women may be attracted to the bad boy type in the beginning, but it’s not going to last long because soon, they get tired of them being rude, selfish and inconsiderate.

Sweet guys are great, but men that are too sweet don’t attract many women because of their decided lack of backbone. Fortunately, there’s a compromise – you CAN be a “nice” guy, but you can also be strong and assertive – which is totally attractive to women. Here’s how to be the kind of man she REALLY wants.

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Do Girls Really Like Bad Boys?

It’s a common belief that girls like bad boys – but is it true? Not exactly. Girls like the idea of a bad boy, but they really like the nice guys better. Women like the idea that a man can be strong, confident and a little naughty, but they don’t like being treated badly like so many “bad” boys do. Most women like nice guys better – as long as they’re not too nice.

Nice Doesn’t Have To Equal Wimpy And Submissive

Women want a strong, confident man. That’s why they often gravitate to the “bad boys.” Initially, a woman can be smitten with the confident persona that a guy like this puts on, but for long term relationships it almost never works out. Women want to be treated well and a lot of these type of guys tend to be more aggressive and demeaning towards women. Not at first, of course, because in any dating situation, a man is going to put is best foot forward to try to seduce a woman. However, as time goes on, he starts becoming more comfortable with her and may end up treating her less like his girlfriend and more like an object.

So being a “bad boy” isn’t going to get you very far with women – but being “nice” doesn’t mean that you have to be wimpy and submissive. In fact, women really don’t like wimpy or submissive guys. You can be nice, courteous and respectful towards a girl without giving up your confidence. In fact, being respectful and kind while still being strong and confident is what is most attractive to women!

Don’t Get Caught Being “Too” Sweet

Part of being this kind of man is listening to a girl, being there for her, complimenting her, etc. But you don’t want to get caught being too sweet, because this can have the opposite effect. If you’re really going overboard, you’re going to give off that “wimpy” vibe, which is exactly what you DON’T want to do.

If you’re being too sweet, you’re going to end up getting stuck in the friend zone – where she talks to you about all her problems because you’re such a great listener like her girlfriends! You don’t want to get in this mess either. You want to be a strong, confident sweet guy that makes her feel great – not like she’s sitting down for a gab-fest with one of her best friends.

Know How To Be Firm And Assertive When The Situation Calls For It

Part of the difference between wimps and men who are sweet but also strong and confident is that strong, confident men know exactly how to be firm and assertive when the situation calls for it. Wimpy guys are sweet and sensitive ALL the time, and this isn’t going to get you anywhere with a woman. A woman wants a guy who can man up if need be.

Don’t be too needy, too clingy or wishy-washy in your decisions. When dating, be assertive enough to choose the restaurant you’re going to take her to, but nice enough to open the door and pull out the chair for her. Don’t order FOR her, but ask her what she’d like and then tell the wait staff. There are lots of ways to show a woman that you’re confident enough to run the show, but also that you’re going to treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

You WILL Get Rejected At Some Point

Not every woman is going to say “yes” when you ask her out, even when you have the right persona. This is something you’re going to have to come to terms with – because even if you think you’re saying and doing everything perfectly, not every woman is going to respond to what you’ve got to offer. However, realizing that this is just part of it is what is going to get you past it. When you are confident enough to get rejected without taking it too personally, you’ll start getting rejected less and less.

Be Genuine

While learning how to be a sweet guy is great for getting the ladies, make sure you’re actually being genuine about it and that this is who you really want to be. If you’re faking it to manipulate a girl into feeling a certain way by pretending you’re someone you’re not, any relationship you get into isn’t going to last long before the girl figures out what is really going on.

Don’t be ashamed of who you are and don’t be too nervous to show the REAL you to a woman. If you don’t, she will eventually get to know the real you and realize that it’s not who you were at the beginning. Love yourself for who you are and use that to be authentic with a woman. Being authentic is what will help you find women that you’re actually compatible with!

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