How To Be Her Dream Guy


Great dating advice can help you learn how to be every woman’s romantic fantasy. You can try to guess at what a woman wants in a man, or you can know for sure with these great tips. Here’s how to be everything she ever wanted!


Have A Strong Identity

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The importance of having confidence in who you are and having a strong identity can’t be emphasized enough here. Think of yourself as the “product” and you’re “selling” this product to women – do you believe in what you’re selling? Do you like what you’re selling and do you think it’s a great product? If you don’t like what you’re selling, no one else will either!

Learn to get comfortable with who you are and what you have to offer. This will not only help attract women to you, it will also help you to know more about the kind of women that you could possibly have great chemistry with. Focus on being fun, energetic and exciting for others to be around – you want to be the kind of guy that has lots of friends that truly enjoy hanging out and having great conversations.

You also want to find your strengths and accentuate them. You don’t want to be the kind of guy that blends in with everyone else, because then girls aren’t going to notice you at all! You want to find what is unique about yourself and show that off. If you stand out from the crowd a little bit because of something that is special about you, that’s a good thing!

Learn How To Be Comfortable In Social Situations

No girl has a “dream guy” that sits in the corner at a party and doesn’t talk to anyone. Girls want a man who is passionate, has things to talk about and wants to talk about them with other people. So if you’re not comfortable in large groups or in social situations, you want to work on this. Practice makes perfect, so put yourself out there. The more you expose yourself to social situations, the more comfortable you will begin to be in them. As you do this, your self confidence will soar!

Be Someone She Can Be Proud Of

This is perhaps one of the best bits of dating advice out there. While women can and will fall in love with guys who they can’t be proud of, you don’t want this to be you! If you really want a girl to fall for you, you’ve got to be someone she can be proud to introduce to her friends and family. You want to be someone she can bring up in a conversation, rather than the topic she’s trying to avoid in a conversation.

Have an awesome job, volunteer or do things that you’re passionate about. Have short term and long term goals, and don’t be afraid to tell people about what you’re striving for. She will see and admire the things that you love doing that make you who you are – and this is what she will brag about to her friends and family when she is dating you!

Get Comfortable Being Romantic And Sensual

Women love sensuality and romance, period. If you can’t bring this to the table, it’s not likely you’re going to be any girl’s fantasy. Get comfortable with showing women affection, touching them and kissing them. When you kiss a woman, make it something that she remembers! If you don’t know how to be romantic or sensual with a woman, read up on seduction tips and how to really be intimate with a girl.

With physical intimacy comes emotional intimacy, so you don’t want to wall yourself of emotionally. Get comfortable with experiencing your feelings, talking about them and being in touch with your emotions. Don’t be afraid to open up to a girl and let her see that you’re a little emotionally vulnerable. Yes, you’re taking the risk of getting hurt here, but ultimately, this is the piece of dating advice that will get her to fall head over heels for you.

Develop A Posture And Presence That Women Want To Be Around

Girls want to be around that strong, confident guy. They don’t want to be around a weak, wimpy guy that asks permission for everything. Learn to make decisions about date ideas, where to go and what to do. Let a girl know that she doesn’t have to worry about things when she’s with you. Show her that you’re the alpha male – and she’ll be putty in your hands.

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