How To Meet Women? Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!


Are you finding it to be tough to get started in a new venture?  Are you working out enough or have you put it off completely?

Are you afraid to walk up to a beautiful woman and start a conversation with her because you’re afraid of being rejected?

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Are you alone?

As I’ve discussed time and time again, the mind only truly reacts to either intense pleasure or intense pain.  Feeling one of these two emotions will get you to make a change in your life instantly.

Are you in a comfort zone?

Think about it. Are you in a “comfort zone”?

Have you thought about making some changes but life is too comfortable right now?

Are you one of those people that would rather look back and say, “I KNOW I could have done it… but I just didn’t…”?

I see this phenomenon in many instances but the most prevalent revolve around relationships and personal growth. How many people do you know that are in stale relationships but won’t move on because of the comfort level? How many have talked about new business ventures or making more money only to stave off because of the comfortable life they have at the moment.

Remember, growth only occurs when our mental boundaries expand.

Get uncomfortable!

If something you haven’t done makes you a little uncomfortable (not scares the heck out of you), just think about the positive impact on life the new thing brings to you. Try to push yourself each day.

Try to conquer, yes conquer, something new everyday.

Visualize it!

The easiest way to accomplish this is through visualization (and that’s a whole other article in itself)

What are some of your personal hot buttons?  What is the worst thing that could possibly happen to you?

Let’s suppose that being “a loser” is high on your totem pole of worst possible things.  If you want to lose weight, just say to yourself when you need an extra push, “Only LOSERS are overweight.  I am not a loser; therefore, I’ll go to the gym today.”

Or… “Only LOSERS are afraid of talking to women… I’m not a loser; therefore, I’m gonna go talk to her.”

Of course, this represents a generic example.  Other examples could be instances where you’ve seen something very disturbing (like a ruined heart on TV).  You can then use that to “influence” you.  You obviously don’t want your heart to look like that, do you?

Using positive experiences

You can also use positive experiences to help.

Suppose you were in the best shape of your life in college and there was one particular spring break trip that you remember vividly.  Let’s just say you had a “great time.”  If you are looking to get back into that type of shape, just continually reflect on that particular time of your life whenever your motivation subsides.

Or… maybe you “got lucky” and hooked up with a beautiful woman ONCE before.  If you want to get to a point of that happening more… just picture and reflect on that instance when you are afraid to talk to another beautiful woman.

(or just picture the time you had a one night stand with the ugliest person that you can think of, ha, ha)

These examples are completely fabricated but you can definitely understand where I’m coming from.

Don’t get stuck in the comfort zone!

The “Comfort Zone” may be the worst place to be. Some may argue, in the case of personal growth, that rock bottom may be a better place.  The pain that a person can feel when they are this low will push many people to go places they’ve never dreamed, simply because now they feel like they have NOTHING TO LOSE.

In order to break out of your “Comfort Zone” and see some meaningful changes, employ the pleasure-pain technique.  If the pleasure or pain you associate with the situation is great enough – the results are only a thought away.

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