How To Pick Up Girls – For Smart Guys


Dating tips don’t always give you all the answers you need. It can be tough if you’re an intellectual fella – because not just any girl will do. Smart men need a woman who will be able to carry on a conversation with them, as well as stimulate them emotionally, mentally and intellectually. Women like that can be hard to find – and even more difficult to pick up! Here are some excellent dating tips to get women with brains!


Difficulty Relating To Women

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Okay smart men – you know who you are. You’re the science guy, the IT guy, the accounting and finance fella. You’ve got brains and you know that if any women really got to know you, they would fall madly in love with you! Here’s the problem:

Most brilliant men are so left-brained that they have incredible difficulty relating and talking to women! So how do you overcome this?

It’s time to get in touch with the right side of your brain! Some dating tips may give you pick up lines that promise magical things will happen as soon as the words leave your mouth, but that’s just not the case here. You’ve got to get more in touch with the right side of your brain, so you can learn to relate to women better. This is not going to immediately snag you a date with the smartest (and hottest) woman, but it will help you get better at relating to women on a larger scale.

Thinking Outside The Box

To get the right side of your noggin’ more involved, you need to find some creative hobbies that allow you to get into that mode and away from the super smart, super analytical side of your brain. Poetry and art are awesome ways to get that going, but pretty much any hobby or activity that allows you to think “outside the box” will do.

It might be uncomfortable at first, or you may feel out of place, simply because your brain doesn’t work that way. You’re not an artsy-fartsy guy! But if you get just a little outside your comfort zone and start doing things that help you develop an artistic nature or engage your creativity, you’re already on your way to meeting women and being able to relate to them well enough that you can pick them up!

Be Yourself

Being yourself always works better to attract women, simply because the ladies can usually spot a fake a mile away. A lot of guys don’t understand that women want to get to know YOU, not the guy you think they want to get to know. So many men put on a fake front because they think that will help them attract more women and in the beginning, it may. But it won’t be long before she realizes that you’re not who she thought you were and she’s out the door.

Be yourself and take pride in the fact that you’re an intelligent man! Ladies love this! They want to be able to have a real, amazing conversation with a guy! So have the confidence to put yourself out there – the REAL you.

Strong Masculine Energy & Eye Contact

Having a strong, masculine energy and having the confidence to make eye contact makes a big difference when trying to get a date with a smart chick. In fact, this is one of those dating tips that applies to pretty much any woman. Ladies don’t want to be with a wimp – and unfortunately, a lot of really brilliant guys come off as “wimps” simply because they’ve never had the confidence or practice to have a strong masculine energy about them. They may have grown up as “nerds” or were made fun of for being so smart, so they sink into that persona over time – without realizing that it IS possible to be uber-smart and great with the ladies.

Your Mindset Is Important

It’s very important that you have the right mindset when it comes to attracting intelligent women. Don’t think that these smart women are beyond your reach – they are just people too! A lot of times, guys are so intimidated by hot women, they don’t approach them – but in reality, these girls really don’t get many dates because men are too intimidated to approach them! Have the mindset that these women are real people and you can connect with them – just start that conversation! Hot women are often the most friendly, down to earth people you’ve ever met.

Don’t Focus On Looks

Don’t be so focused on a woman’s looks that you fail to see the amazing personality within. Have a conversation with her, ask her intelligent questions and give intelligent answers. Get to know who she really is! It’s critical to be open and real with a woman if you want a shot at having a true relationship.

Basic Tips For Talking To Women

  • On average, women say about 15,000 words per day and guys say about 6,000.
  • Make a goal to start talking more, period!
  • Learn to relax in social situations
  • Practice talking to women! Even if it’s not the girl you’re interested in, just get more comfortable talking to women in general.
  • Learn something new every time you talk to a girl! Women are people too.
  • It’s not a failure if you don’t get with a girl, but you learn something that will help you in the future.

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