How To Screw Up A First Date


A first date is a one of the most important parts of the relationship. A first date is certainly not the end all for a relationship, but generally, a girl knows if the guy is somebody that they want to see again within the first ten minutes. However, there are times when a girl can easily screw up a first date. While this doesn’t typically happen as often as when a guy does it, it can still occur. Here are a few things that will instantly screw up a first date.

Being On Your Cell Phone

No guy likes a girl that is attached to her cell phone. If you go on a first date and you’re constantly texting or answering calls, you can kiss a second date good bye. All cell phones have a silent mode for a reason. If you have a high paying job that basically requires around the clock availability, make sure that the guy knows this.

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Most guys are going to be very easy going if you tell them ahead of time. Guys want a girl that is considerate. When you expect him to accommodate your cell phone use without addressing the fact that it is rude, he will probably end the date halfway through. Leave your cell phone in the car if at all possible or turn the phone to silent before you walk into the restaurant.

Talking About Religion

Okay, you’re religious. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, there is a lot that is good about a girl that holds religion in high regard. However, your date might not be ready to talk about his walk with Christ just yet. Religion can have a way of turning friends to foes very quickly. If you have met a guy through church or another religious group then by all means bring up the subject.

This could even lead to a very interesting conversation. However, if you don’t know what religion he is or if he is even a part of a denomination, wait until you know him a little better before you bring up anything that has to do with your faith.

Getting Way Too Drunk On The First Date

One of the worst ways to screw up a first date and any potential for a future relationship is to have too much to drink. It doesn’t matter if you go to a restaurant, club or a bar. Watch your alcohol intake. No guy wants to be with a girl that can’t hold her liquor. When you drink you also make bad decisions. Add to the fact that you might actually like the guy, you could do something in the moment that will send him to the hills. Refrain from drinking in excess at all costs. Order one drink or two if you are feeling nervous and then stick to water for the rest of the evening. This is a great rule to follow when out on a first date.

Talking About Past Relationships

If you have ever been out with a guy or met a guy and couldn’t get him to stop talking about his ex, then you know what we’re talking about. Not only is this annoying on a human level, it will ruin any chance that you have in establishing a relationship with your date. Never bring up past relationships on a first date.

Your date might think that you’re still in love with your ex or that you’re just not completely over the relationship yet. One of the questions that could arise is “How long have you been single?” Go ahead and answer the question honestly, but do not get into the specifics of what happened. Reserve this for another time when you feel more comfortable with the guy and he feels more comfortable with you.

Bringing Up Your Biological Clock

Sure, you might have a plan for the next 5 years, but the last thing that you want to do is bring it up to the guy. Don’t ever start talking about kids or the family that you would like to have on a first date. That’s way beyond jumping the gun and it’s the last thing that you want to do with somebody that you could actually have a relationship with.

If you are older and already have children then you might talk about the children that you already have, but don’t bring up more that you would like to have in the future. When you are out on the date, keep to topics that don’t involve you making the guy a father and you should be okay.

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