How To Win The Dating Game


Dating doesn’t have to be impossible. It’s easy to get frustrated when dating, especially if you keep getting rejected or your relationships don’t last very long. Forget your dating troubles – here’s how you can actually come out ahead and win the girl of your dreams!


There’s No Magic Formula

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When it comes to dating or getting a girl to fall in love with you, there’s no magic formula that will garner you success every time. You’re going to strike out some of the time, and you’re probably not going to meet the girl you’re going to marry right away. However, there are some things you can do to tip the scales in your favor!

Be The Best “You” That You Can Possibly Be

Many guys focus too much on “getting the right girl” or even just getting a girl to give out a phone number that they forget that girls are actually looking at what they’re bringing to the table. You may have the smoothest pick up lines, but if it’s all a front and you’re faking it, you’re not going to get very far at all. You have to be real and genuine, and have enough confidence to know that you’re a catch.

If you’re not a catch, work on improving yourself. Look at what you’re bringing to the table and see if it needs improvement. Do you have a crappy job that you hate or no job at all? Try to find a job that utilizes your skills and that you love. Go back to school if you need to.

Look at your physical health as well. Are you healthy? Do you need to lose weight or tone up? Would you feel better if you did? What about your mental health? Are you in a positive place in your life? Do what you can to make your body and mind healthy – not only will you look better to women, you’ll feel better too and that will come off in your attitude and demeanor.

Instead of trying to convince a girl to go out with you when dating, approach it a little differently. Be the best possible “you” that you can be, whether it’s finding a new job that makes you happy, taking up hobbies that relieve stress or losing weight and getting fit, moving towards the positive in life will put you in the perfect place to meet the right woman.

Never Give Up Your Values

Too many guys try to be the person they think a girl wants – and they change it up depending on what type of girl they’re dating. These guys almost never get women! First of all, a girl can’t tell who a man really is and what he stands for if he’s always changing it – because let’s face it, if a man is always changing his values, attitude and standards, it’s not likely he even knows who he is and what he stands for.
Develop your own morals and values, and stick to them throughout your dating experiences. You will attract women who are compatible with the real you, instead of women who you have to “make” yourself be compatible with. Learn to love yourself for who you really are, and let that confidence in yourself show through.

Don’t Play Games With Women

Have enough respect for a woman – and yourself – to be real with her. Be yourself. Take the risk and put yourself out there – because ultimately, that’s what you want. You want to meet a woman who is your true match and who you are compatible with. If you’re not putting the real you out there and are playing games, you’re either going to meet someone you’re really not compatible with or you’re going to meet a woman who is playing games with you.

Have A Magnetic, Positive Energy

Girls are attracted to men who are positive, magnetic, confident and fun to be around. Guys who are down in the dumps all the time aren’t going to get very many girls. Make sure that when you meet a girl, you’re putting off the right vibe. Be positive, tell funny jokes and listen to what she has to say. Get her laughing and make sure you yourself are laughing. Women will flock to you if you put off that magnetic energy.

Treat A Woman Well

While some girls like the the “bad boy type” type, that usually never lasts very long. If you want to snag the girl of your dreams, you need to learn to treat women well. Treat all women with respect – if you’re with her, support her and encourage her to do the things she loves to do and is passionate about. Don’t criticize women or cut them down. Make her feel great about herself and she’ll fall for you!

Compliment her and build up her self-esteem. Don’t assume that because you told her she’s beautiful one time that she knows you think she’s beautiful and you never have to say it again. If you’re thinking it, say it! Compliment her skills and things that she’s accomplished. Be proud of her.

Make Her Feel Like The Only Girl In The World For You!

All women want to feel loved and feel special to their partners. They also want to feel like they’re the only girl who can ever make you feel the way she makes you feel. So make sure she believes it! Make her feel like she’s the only one for you and you’ll have her falling head over heels.

Learn To Be A More Charismatic Person

Technique is important – and technique is learned, it’s not something that comes naturally. Take some time to learn how to be a more magnetic, charismatic person. Get out there and practice meeting women. Consider working with a dating coach. You’re not going to be completely comfortable introducing yourself and talking to women the first few times you do it, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Even getting out there and just developing friendships with other people will help a man get comfortable talking to women – often, men who are uncomfortable talking to women are actually uncomfortable talking to people in general.

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