Is The ‘Man Code’ Stupid?


Most women will agree – men often have strange ways of doing things. Sometimes, it seems like they even have an unspoken camraderie, or “code” of ethics between them, even between two men that have never met before. Not surprisingly, men do have sort of an unspoken “man code” that they go by that dictates many of their actions in society.  But what is the “man code” really, and is it necessary?

Have you ever heard of the unspoken “man code”? You know it’s the rules that say you can’t date the ex girlfriend of your friend or that you have to keep a one urinal space in the men’s room…. If you have heard of the man code – do you thinks it’s still valid? Check out our YouTube page and tell us what YOU think about the “man code” and if you know a man who does or doesn’t follow the “code!”


What Is The “Man Code?”

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The “Man Code” is generally a list of behaviors – an unspoken list of behaviors, really – that dictate how a man acts in society or in public. It’s kind of like “manners,” but on steroids. Everyone knows that polite table manners dictate that you don’t put your elbows on the table while you’re eating, however, that doesn’t mean that everyone abides by that. Especially at really excellent BBQ restaurants. The “Man Code” is similar – men in general understand that there are certain things you should or should do, can or can’t do, and many of them choose to abide by this unspoken “code.”

What Does The “Man Code” Say?

Some of the items on the “Man Code” list are sensible, like taking the urinal at least one urinal away from a fellow man who is using the urinals, or using the farthest right or farthest left (instead of the center) urinal if there is no other men using the urinals so that if a fellow man should come in and use the urinals, he has the option to give you at least one urinal’s worth of space. Other items on the “Man Code” list seem silly, like never dating a man’s sister if you’ve known him for 24 hours or longer (unless you marry her), or only having to wait 5 minutes for a man. If a girl is involved, however, you add 10 minutes of wait time for every point on the hotness scale she is. If she’s a 10, you’re going to be waiting awhile.

Is The “Man Code” Stupid?

If some men want to follow their own code of ethics, that’s up to them. But enforcing the “Man Code” among other men can be pointless. In each country, each region, each city, and even each neighborhood, there are different behaviors that are expected, suggested, or even shunned. For example, what is shunned in a quiet, suburban neighborhood may be acceptable in a downtown suburb of a large city, or vice versa. Social and cultural rules aren’t uniform – they change from location to location, culture to culture and even person to person. Perhaps a better and more culturally evolved “Code” would be the “Be A Decent Human Being Code.”

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