Mirroring – Discover This Little Known 1st Date Secret


Going on a first date can be intimidating, no matter how long you’ve been on the dating scene. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can ensure first date success.

One of the most successful ways to hit it off with someone on a first date is using a technique called “mirroring.”

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Mirroring is a technique that you can use to help your date feel comfortable with you almost instantly so you can focus on getting to know them.


What is mirroring?

Mirroring is actually something that good friends and couples do naturally. For example, if you’re at dinner with a friend and they lean further towards the table, you might unconsciously do the same.

If you’re sitting in a theater watching a movie and you cross your legs, your boyfriend or husband might cross his legs too. When you’re comfortable with someone, you will naturally mirror their body language and movements and they’ll naturally mirror yours.

How can you use mirroring to your advantage on a first date?

Naturally, you’re not going to instantly and unconsciously mirror someone on a first date and it’s unlikely that they’ll mirror you. This could be a reason why first dates are often so awkward! However, you can use your understanding of the mirroring technique to make the first date jitters a little easier to handle and help make your date feel more comfortable with you.

When you’re on a first date, pay special attention to your date’s body language. You want to try to mirror them in a way that looks unconscious by you, like natural mirroring, without looking strange or suspicious.

This might take a few tries to really get down pat, so it’s helpful if you try to practice your mirroring technique with friends first. They can give you input on how your mirroring looks to someone besides yourself.

Using mirroring from now on

Once you feel comfortable consciously using mirroring as a technique, you can utilize it on your first date and even second or third dates if you need to. Eventually, if you and your new date become close, mirroring will become second nature to you, as it is with your current friends and family.

When on a date, try mirroring your date’s body language. If they rest their hand in their chin while listening to you, try resting your hand in your chin while listening to them.

How can mirroring help make a first date more comfortable?

The subconscious mind picks up mirroring and sees it as a sign of comfort and connectedness. When you mirror your date’s body language and their subconscious mind picks it up, they’ll automatically feel connected to you.

They’ll instantly want to get to know you better and will feel like they’ve “hit it off” with you. This gives you a chance to really evaluate if you’ve hit it off with them, and can make your entire dating experience better in the long run.

If you learn to use mirroring as a way to help ease some of the tension on first dates and help your date to feel connected to you, you’ll have more positive relationships. Even if the dating doesn’t work out, it’s likely that you’ll develop lots of friends in the process and avoid building up your arsenal of dreaded first date horror stories!

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