Top 5 Reasons Pick Up Lines Don’t Work


Pick up lines aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Here’s why they almost always will cause you to fail at getting a girl!

Pick up lines are some of the worst methods getting a girl’s attention. When you use a line you show that you’re not only desperate, but also highly unoriginal. They are played out and make you come off as a tool. If you have ever thought about using a line, get it out of your head immediately. Here are the top 5 reasons they just don’t work.

1. They’re Generic

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“Come here often?” The line doesn’t work primarily because it’s too generic. The fact that you’re using it on a girl that you don’t know shows that you don’t really care about her or have anything original to say. This shows her that you’re not a guy that separates himself from the pack. When you use an original “Hello” or “How are you” you don’t come off as a guy who bombards women at every bar with the same line. “How are you” and “Hello” are pretty common for every day conversation so this gives you a non-threatening way of approaching women.

2. They’re Needy

There is nothing more pathetic than a guy who is desperate. When you use pick up lines, you come off as a guy who only wants to have sex. This can be problematic for a guy who really does want to get to know a girl. When you use a line like “great dress, but it would look better on my bedroom floor,” you sound like a guy who is desperate for sex. Women want a guy that has options. When you use a line you look like you would just say the line to any girl that walks by. Avoid using pick up lines so you don’t look needy.

3. They’re Unoriginal

You know when you walk into a bar or a club and you see every guy or girl dressed the same? How many times do you think a girl has been given a pick up line and actually followed through on it? Women are hit on by guys every day and most guys stick with pick up lines because they are familiar. So when a girl hears you say something that she has heard a couple of hours before, she’s going to be even more put off by you. Pick up lines have been around forever. Chances are, she’s heard it and it’s not going to make her laugh or feel attracted to you.

4. They’re Creepy

How would you feel if some guy walked up to you and said that one about the angel falling from heaven? I would definitely be creeped out. This is exactly how women feel when some stranger walks up to her and delivers a line. Creeping a girl out is not the way to get a phone number. You want to build comfort and rapport with the girl in order to take a relationship to the next level. When you use a  line, you’re going to creep her out and you will probably see it on her face.

5. They’re Not Funny

The fact of the matter is that pick up lines aren’t that funny. They can even be offensive to a lot of women. Do you think that you’re going to get her phone number after offending her? Probably not. It’s best to use a simple opener when approaching women. A pick up line can leave a bad taste in her mouth and leave you feeling like an idiot. If you think that it’s funny, stop yourself anyway.

Pick up lines are usually seen on TV or in movies, but think about the guy that is saying them. Is he the hero of the film or show? More than likely he’s the creep that nobody wants around. Pick lines are generic and will never come off as appealing to women. They have the ability to ruin a situation that could have become favorable with just a simple opener. Some pick up lines even have the ability to offend the girl and send her on her way after the first sentence is spoken.

Even if you do have a hilarious pick up line, she might not get the joke. This could leave you explaining why it’s funny and explaining a joke effectively creates an awkward situation. It’s best to leave you pick up lines at the door when you’re out approaching women. Use an environmental opener or mention something about her clothing to get a conversation started properly.

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