What Your Eyes Say To A Girl During Dating


Dating is heavily reliant on eye contact. Many consider them as balls stuck in a socket, producing eye-crusts every freakin’ morning, and unable to modify shape. The eyes can’t even change color unless irritated. Far from being spectacular, they are simply there absorbing the scene.

But consider this – more than being instruments of vision, eyes have the ability to make somebody feel self-conscious and uncomfortable at a distance. Ever been slapped just by looking at a lady a certain way?

The Eyes Say It All

  • The eyes can betray a man’s lack of sexual confidence.
  • They reveal his cluelessness as to where her clitoris really is.
  • They can say, “Wow!” quicker than a dropped jaw can.
  • They reveal how his balls ascended up his throat after ejaculating inside fertile Amy.
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Through the eyes, one can invoke serious sexual intent. You can gaze into her soul and proclaim the sensual pleasures about to envelop her body. Eyes reveal your ache for her breasts and curves, they announce your confidence, competence and awareness of what’s about to happen.

One woman required her partner to keep eye contact 85% of the time whenever they are having sex. That way, she doesn’t feel like a sex toy or a glorified giver of sexual favors. They want to be seen.

If you’ve ever been accused of being passionless, unaffected and indifferent in bed – simply increase the eye contact. There might be other goodies to scope on a naked woman, but looking at her eyeballs is just as important and pleasurable.

Increase Intimacy With Eye Contact

To increase and strengthen the bond between couples, there has to be an increase in the frequency and duration of eye contacts. Psychologists have learned that the more a couple gazes at each other, the more drawn and attracted they are to each other.

Moreover, closely acquainted individuals don’t talk through their mouths, but through their eyes. It’s the “I know what you’re thinking” bit. Through eye locks, you can actually be strangers but feel like you’ve been together forever.

Men who intuitively know the power of eye contact may have deliberately disconnected by avoiding them altogether. The absence of intimacy means less complications and an easy transition to the next one-night stand.

Increase Vulnerability With Eye Contact

Just as strong as the desire to be seen, is the fear of being fully known. Eye contacts make her very vulnerable. Actually, it makes both of you vulnerable) With deep eye locks, she’s not only exposing her face, pimples and everything, but her thoughts as well.

Her eyes will be screaming her thoughts. You can see through her, beyond the façade, and that makes her feel very vulnerable. But this is really good news. Believe it or not, vulnerability is an element of hot sex.

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