How To Meet Singles During The Day


Singles usually gather at night, right? Wrong! You can meet some awesome singles by going places during the day – here’s how!

Nightclubs and bars are the most common places to meet singles, but what if you want to meet singles during the day? Meeting them during the day can feel more natural and build confidence. Most guys like meeting girls during the day because of the games that women play in nightclubs in bars. If you would like to meet singles during the day, there are a few places that you can check out. Having a routine and using a little bit of logic is the best way to accomplish the task at hand. Here are a few ways that you can meet singles during the day.

At Coffee Shops

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Almost everybody has their favorite drink at Starbucks, Caribou Coffee or any other coffee shop around your town. The best time to meet singles is during the morning rush. People tend to stop by their favorite coffee shop before work. 7-8:30 is a great time to pop into a coffee shop because there will be a line.

If you have a traditional 9-5 job then you will be dressed in business attire, which makes you look like you have it together. Chat up a girl that is in line with you. If she likes you, she will probably show up the next day at the same time. Keep to this routine and you will start to see regulars at the coffee shop.

At Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are like a hub for singles. Everybody has to buy food and you can easily meet singles at grocery stores with just a bit of detective work. A lot of guys don’t like approaching girls during the day out of fear that they will have a boyfriend. Checking the items in their cart can usually be a telltale sign of whether or not they have a boyfriend.

Look for men’s products with a quick glance before you talk to them. Don’t scour through their stuff, but take a second to look for male shaving cream, face wash or something else that would indicate that they have a boyfriend. If you don’t see these items then she could still have a boyfriend, but if you do see them she definitely does. Approach her with ease and ask if she has used a product in the aisle. This is an easy icebreaker that can lead to a conversation.

At Gyms

Gyms can be a great place to meet singles. With all of the endorphins in the room you will find girls more open to talking. The best way to meet single women at the gym is to use a machine after them. The problem with trying to meet singles at the gym is that they usually have their iPod on. Smile at a girl as she’s getting off of a machine and simply say “hey.” If she doesn’t answer you then her music is too loud. If she does answer you back then you can start talking about the different machines in the gym. Wing it and you’ll find her more open to talking than you thought.

At The Bank

Almost everybody has to go to the bank now and again. Heading to the bank to deposit money or take money out can be a great way to meet singles during the day. If you’re single, it’s best to forgo the convenient services of online banking and get out into the world. It’s too easy to hide behind modern technology.

Instead of using the ATM, go inside and deposit your check with a teller. This will force you to get in line and you never know when another single will be in front or behind you. Say hello to any girl that is waiting with you. Not only could this lead to a potential date, it will help the time pass as you are both waiting.

At A Dog Park

This one only applies to guys that have dogs. It’s no secret that a dog park is a haven for singles. The best thing about a dog park is that you are standing around as your dog plays with the other dogs. This leaves you open to conversation. Chat up a girl that is in the park. A lot of girls go to dog parks in hopes of finding singles. They might never admit it, but it’s true.

Girls love guys who have dogs because it shows compassion. Dog parks allow people with something in common to have light conversations. Ask her about the kind of breed her dog is. Ask her about local pet services or different products that you have tried. This is an easy icebreaker that you can implement with little hassle.

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